Air America: Putting Minorities Second

Air America, the new liberal talk radio network, is sending minorities to the back of the bus.

The network, owned by former Democratic National Committee executive Mark Walsh, debuted March 31. Ironically, the three radio stations broadcasting Air America’s programs were all stations with formats featuring black and Hispanic culture. By preempting black and Hispanic cultural programs to promote their own ideology, Air America is very much in concert with the liberal policy of using minorities for their own purposes.

Air America is leasing time from two Multicultural Radio Broadcasting stations: one in Chicago, WNTD-AM, and one in Los Angeles, KBLA-AM. Currently, both of these stations broadcast Spanish language programming.

The third Air America station is in New York, WLIB-AM a station of Inner City Broadcasting. Air America (or more precisely Progressive Media which own Air America) has a revenue sharing plan with them and now essentially owns WLIB.

WLIB broadcasts Caribbean music, news, and talk shows about cultural issues. Rather they used to broadcast it. As of March 31, they no longer will. WLIB’s employees learned about this development when they went to work and were given their last paychecks.

Now that is compassionate liberalism.

New York calypso singer and native Grenadian, Mighty Sparrow, felt the same as many in the minority community. He was distressed by the demise of WLIB-AM’s Caribbean format. He was quoted as saying, “I have access to people like Colonial Life Insurance Company and they would be glad to, perhaps, put up all the money that’s needed??¢â???¬ ¦. We would have enough funds so that that the ‘little man’ can come on board and he can be a part of it. We are not going to be absorbed into the mainstream. Our culture does not permit that.”

His culture may not, however, liberals are mandating it. This new liberal radio network is doing the same thing to minority radio that liberalism does to minority culture — it is usurping it. WLIB was one of a few limited broadcast sources that provided news, music, and cultural information for Caribbean nationals living in metropolitan New York. However, the liberals believe — specifically Walsh believes — that the New York metropolitan area needs liberal culture more than Caribbean culture.

Was it Stalin who said something about not making an omelet unless you break a few eggs?

The irony of these three radio stations, which were all stations with minority formats, which were all geared to addressing the needs of the minority community — all devoted to playing African-American, Hispanic, and other minority musical styles and communicating issues important to various minority communities, has not gone unnoticed by minorities.

This disturbs many, like Mighty Sparrow, who are asking if this is just another example of whites telling minorities what to do. After all, these stations all served minorities and they all employed minorities. This illustrates once more that as far as liberals are concerned the minority community are nothing more than servants — rather than those who should be served.

Now instead of communicating the needs and concerns of minorities they communicate the needs and concerns of rich white people. Instead of employing minorities they employ white liberals — about 90% of Air America’s hosts are white people.

Not only does Air America share the liberals’ penchant for manipulating minorities, it also illustrates another characteristic of liberals: If you spend sufficient funds for a project you will solve the problem. For years liberals, Democrats and their allies of the mainstream media have been unable to determine why conservative talk radio is so popular, while they cannot buy an audience for liberal talk radio.

The reason liberal talk radio does not work is because there is nothing newsworthy or informative about it that one cannot acquire from the “mainstream” media. This is why Air America is doomed. Listeners will not learn anything from Air America that they could not learn from CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom, Disney, the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, et al. Each of those venues is undeniably liberal and pro-Democrat.

However, the liberals do not understand this and they are greedy as well. They will not be satisfied until they control everything. Contemporary American liberalism is much like Communism — it cannot exist if there exists an idea contrary to it.

The irony of Air America is that it is a paradigm of modern liberalism. The manipulation of minority interests to serve their own and the policy of wasting resources to implement an insipid idea are two principles of liberal doctrine. Air America is emblematic of them both.