Not All Conservatives Support Amended Amendment:

In a press release in response to the Allard/Musgrave announcement that they’ve changed the language of the Federal Marriage Amendment (see below), Concerned Women of America noted “that proposed changes to the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) would more explicitly permit states to create civil unions.”

From the release: “‘CWA continues to stand for protecting marriage without sanctioning bad behavior,’ said Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, an affiliate of CWA. ‘We urge leaders on Capitol Hill to write an amendment that clearly defines marriage. Even just the first sentence of the FMA is better standing alone. We could support that language because it would “do no harm.”‘

“‘The FMA, as amended, still allows for the erosion of marriage by allowing states to create civil unions. Whether you call other relationships “Quasi Marital Schemes” or “Civil Unions,” when they’re recognized in law no differently from marriage, all you’ve protected is the name.'”