The Heart of the New West: All Canadian, All-Conservative, All the Time

Soon. Very soon, the Western Standard, Canada’s only conservative magazine’s very first issue, is about to roll of the presses in the heart of the new west: arriving on the news stands today, March 12th.

“Wait a minute. There are conservatives in Canada?”

This is a question I was often asked while networking in Washington D.C. earlier this year.

Because Canada’s population is so comparatively small to the United States (our entire population and then some fits into the state of California) it is easy not to notice Canada’s seemingly invisible and so very fractured conservative movement. Why would Americans notice there are conservatives in Canada, when Canadians have not noticed them at the polls (except for the Brian Mulroney blip) for nigh unto thirty years?

But finally, at last, a seemingly new kid on the block has taken the bull by the horns in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

A new coalition of Canadian conservative intellectuals is gravitating towards Ezra Levant, constitutional lawyer and author of Fight Kyoto and Youthquake, and now publisher of the Western Standard. Levant has recruited such notables as binational and international conservative pundits like Mark Steyn and David Frum.

Another well-known important contributing pundit is the patriarch of the Alberta Report, Ted Byfield. While the Western Standard is launching on the Report‘s subscriber base, Ezra Levant’s personal flair and charisma and his penchant for taking issues head-on in spite of potential controversy, along with the young, fresh group of Canadian conservatives that Levant has already recruited, will ensure the Western Standard has a very different flavour from the now defunct Alberta Report.

With freedom of the press dwindling in Canada due to media mergers and Canadian government regulations, Levant promises, “The Western Standard will deliver readers the stories that other news outlets can’t — or won’t — cover.”

Levant also plans to run an online Western Standard writers guild allowing new Canadian conservative writers a place to publish ( Very important, since social-Liberalism pre-dominates all other media publications in Canada.

But, Levant is not only a publisher of a new Canadian conservative magazine, he is also a ray of light for many grassroots conservatives that continue to diligently work towards defeating the Liberals in Ottawa.

And more then all that, I am fortunate enough to call Ezra Levant my friend. I can personally say I have seen Ezra knocked down time and again here in Canada, because he has refused to compromise his principles. And always, always, always, my friend Ezra has picked himself back up again . . . and went on.

Ezra Levant is a fighter, fighting the good fight. He continues to inspire me with his no fear attitude, a spirit that no one has ever been able to hold back.

With Ezra at the helm of Canada’s only alternative media, I know that good things will soon happen in my country. It is inevitable.