Catholic Campuses Promote Infamous 'Sexologist'

For decades our tax-supported public universities have committed academic fraud. How? By keeping ideological, left-wing Democrat, “soft”-science professors in charge of American higher education–notably, in the pseudo-scientific field of “sexology,” spawned by notorious “sex researcher” Prof. Alfred Kinsey half a century ago.

Yet many of America’s so-called Catholic universities–once bastions of scholarly integrity and traditional moral values–have become as trendily corrupt as their secular counterparts and liberal Protestant schools in terms of what they are teaching our young people.

These “Catholic” campuses ignore Pope John Paul II’s command that they be “vigilant in maintaining Catholic principles in teaching” and his declaration that universities “that do not respect the Church’s laws and the teaching of the Magisterium [the Church’s teaching authority], especially in bio-ethics, cannot be defined as Catholic.”

To be sure, honest scholarship and orthodox teachings still reign on some Catholic campuses, e.g., Franciscan University of Steubenville, Christendom College, Thomas Aquinas College, Magdalen College, Campion College and Ave Maria University. What’s more, two new orthodox schools are coming: the University of Sacramento and Southern Catholic. But other campuses are an embarrassment to millions of American Catholics.

For example, this summer Fordham University in New York allowed Hollywood filmmakers and actor Liam Neeson on campus to shoot part of a movie that whitewashes the discredited Kinsey–a homo/bisexual who advocated sexual anarchy, falsified the sex data he collected, and did “child sex studies” by having a team of child molesters rape and sodomize as many as 2,035 children and babies (see Dr. Judith Reisman’s Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences).

In May, Fordham even gave Neeson an honorary doctorate of fine arts. For the Jesuits of Fordham to help Hollywood glorify Kinsey, a moral monster and scientific fraud, is nothing less than to repudiate 2,000 years of Catholic moral teaching, not to mention good science.

It’s no wonder that on October 17-19, 2003, Fordham’s Law School hosted “Lavender Law,” a national meeting of the National Lesbian and Gay Law association and the National Lesbian and Gay Law Foundation, to discuss sodomy laws, homosexual “marriage,” homosexual “rights” in academia, etc. Scheduled speakers included Fordham Law School assistant dean Tom Schoenherr and Fordham law professor Sonia Katyal.

Even though sexology, Kinsey’s offspring, has been the main culprit behind the spread of sexual pathologies in our society, some of America’s Catholic universities still have blind faith in it–even as they loudly proclaim their lack of faith in Church doctrines, which the latest scientific findings seem to buttress.

The explosion of fornication, venereal disease, abortion, pornography, sex crimes, divorce, “gay rights” and other pathologies did not occur until academics kicked Judeo-Christian ethics out of both Catholic and secular schools and replaced them with Kinsey’s ideology. Recent studies show that Church teaching has been right all along–that avoiding fornication, adultery, homosexual acts, masturbation and pornography protects people not only from physical diseases but from depression, self-hatred, sex addiction, mental breakdowns and other psychological illnesses and symptoms.

You would think Catholic universities such as Fordham would hail these new scientific findings, as well as those from physics, which tend to confirm age-old Christian beliefs. You would assume this new research would immediately begin to influence what they were teaching in the soft sciences.

But it hasn’t happened. Like the secular campuses, Fordham and several other “Catholic” universities are keeping their students’ minds fixated on both Kinsey’s mid-20th-century “sexuality” and 19th-century materialism.

  • Last June a Catholic campus watchdog group, the Cardinal Newman Society (, reported that students at Providence College in Rhode Island were complaining about three “sex classes” taught by assistant professor of sociology James Moorhead. The young people said the classes included graphic, offensive discussions that contradicted Church doctrines. Recent Providence graduate Racheal D’Ambrosia alleged she was taught that “adultery is an integral part of any marriage,” “marriages are meant to end in divorce,” men should fornicate freely, “Catholicism is ‘patriarchal bull—t,'” and other errors.
  • Two years ago, assistant professor of psychology Ed de St. Aubin (a non-Catholic) taught a human sexuality class at Marquette University in which he promoted contraception, contrary to Church teaching.
  • Georgetown University’s campus newspaper, The Hoya, features “Sex on the Hilltop,” an explicit how-to column on sex, by student Julia Baugher. Her column often urges students to fornicate.
  • Dozens of Catholic campuses (among hundreds of other schools) have hosted “The Vagina Monologues,” a foul-mouthed, radical-feminist play that glorifies sexual immorality, including the lesbian rape of a young teen girl. These schools include Fordham, Boston College, Georgetown, Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Loyola (Chicago), St. Thomas, Creighton, and the University of San Francisco.
  • Seton Hall University School of Law hired former Clinton Atty. Gen. Janet Reno, an outspoken abortion advocate, to welcome students arriving in August.
  • Paul Lauritzen, professor of Religious Studies at John Carroll University, testified in a report to the July meeting of President Bush’s Council on Bioethics that human embryos are not persons, and that embryonic stem cell experiments should proceed. He criticized the Church’s insistence that laws should respect the embryo as “a human subject with a well-defined identity.”
  • UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute surveyed 7,200 students at 38 Catholic colleges. The results, released last March by the Cardinal Newman Society and Catholic World Report, showed that in 1997, 27.5% of the Catholic freshmen thought fornication was “all right;” four years later, as seniors, 48% thought it permissible. As freshmen, 37.9% favored legalized abortion. Four years later, 51.7% did.

Some Catholic universities may be 50 years behind in teaching sexuality, but they are even more ignorant of the revolution in physics, which seems more and more to validate Catholic teaching on how the universe was created, and why. It is inexcusable that Catholic universities’ soft-science departments are still teaching crank materialism.

Catholic scholar Dr. Thomas Drolesky writes, “Fordham University was the first ‘Catholic University’??¢â???¬ ¦to secularize itself, divesting itself of official ties to the Church as a Jesuit institution.” He says many students ended up embracing feminism, moral relativism and legal positivism. These teachings come directly from Marxism, and are rooted in 19th-century physics’ view of the material world.

In his book Modern Physics and Ancient Faith, physicist Stephen Barr says, “In the 1970s, starting with some work of the astrophysicist Brandon Carter, people started to talk about ‘anthropic coincidences.’ What they mean by this was, certain features of the laws of physics??¢â???¬ ¦seem to be exactly what’s needed for the existence of life in our universe.”

Barr adds that a closer look at the revolution in physics in the 20th century reveals a much different picture than did 19th-century scientific materialism. “We find,” he explains, “that the human mind is, perhaps, after all, not just a machine. We find that the universe did, perhaps, after all, have a beginning. We find that the world is the product of design and that life is perhaps part of that design.”

In the field of sexology, academic whistle-blowers such as Dr. Reisman have “demolished the foundations” of Kinsey’s “research,” according to an editorial in The Lancet, the prestigious British journal of medical research. They have exposed the sham origins of the “human sexuality programs” that are misleading and damaging students at many Catholic and secular universities.

Yet legislators and private donors continue to pour billions into the coffers of these universities. And the soft-science departments continue to hire and follow hard-left ideologues like dissenting theologian Monika Hellwig, former Georgetown University professor who now heads the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, and Gayle Binion, Chairwoman of the University of California Academic Senate and UC Santa Barbara political science professor, who has been a major mover in the ACLU over the years.

Only when our elected representatives and private donors stop signing the paychecks of hard-left soft-science professors and the cronies they hire will our young people learn how badly they have been swindled by the Alfred Kinseys, Margaret Meads and Lawrence Kohlbergs of this world.

But this will not happen until taxpayers and parents demand it. You can help. Write letters to your newspaper and your lawmakers. Call the talk shows. Tell college and university donors to quit funding the political ideologues who control the soft sciences. We need instructors who will teach our children the truth, not discredited old lies.