Lady MacBeth of the Ozarks

Hillary Clinton–or as authors R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. and Mark W. Davis like to call her, Lady MacBeth–is determined to return to the White House as a resident again–only this time not as first lady, but as President of the United States.

She will stop at nothing to obtain her objective. Lying, cheating and partisan politics are all par for the course, according to Tyrrell and Davis. The two men have joined forces in Madame Hillary (published by Regnery, a sister company of HUMAN EVENTS) to chronicle Hillary’s ambitious road map to become the first female President.

Tyrrell, founder and renowned editor-in-chief of The American Spectator magazine, is not new to reporting the high crimes and misdemeanors of Bill and Hillary Clinton. In fact, it was The American Spectator‘s tough investigative reporting during Mr. Clinton’s presidency that helped to expose numerous scandals–Filegate, Clinton’s sexual escapades, the transfer of missile technology to Red China in exchange for illegal campaign contributions, and Monicagate.

Davis is also no newcomer to cataloguing Bill and Hillary’s numerous misdeeds. A former White House speechwriter to George H. W. Bush who also formerly served on the Republican National Committee (RNC) during the Reagan years, Mr. Davis is the quintessential Washington insider who has witnessed the political machinations of the dynamic duo for years. Together, authors Davis and Tyrrell tell a chilling tale of Hillary’s insatiable desire for power.

The authors argue that, despite Mrs. Clinton’s efforts to repackage herself as a moderate Democrat, the senator from New York remains a hard-core left-wing elitist who is pro-Big Government, pro-affirmative action and pro-abortion.

Although Mrs. Clinton would have the public believe she is a woman of the people and for the people, Tyrrell and Davis dispel that notion. Rather, they explain Mrs. Clinton’s true chameleon nature, describing her as “a Coat and Tie Radical–a phantasm who takes on the shape of respectability: wife, mother, first lady, senator from New York, all while harboring and insinuating the agenda of the radical left.”

In particular, the authors cite the success of both Bill and Hillary in cementing their hold over the Democratic Party, transforming it into a ruthless political machine. The darling and hero of the liberal media, Mrs. Clinton can be coy and cunning when need be.

The authors explain how she and her husband have been bankrolling the Democratic Party for years, giving them complete control of its future. Tyrrell and Davis also note that the creation of HILLPAC was a strategic move designed to raise money for the Clintons as well as fund liberal causes such as women’s rights and the environment.

Furthermore, the book powerfully displays the lengths Mrs. Clinton will go to become President of the United States. It discusses how Hillary and Bill encouraged Gen. Wesley Clark’s failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, using him as a stalking horse to counter possible runs for the White House from other candidates.

Madame Hillary also exposes Mrs. Clinton’s wily tactics of criticizing President Bush and his administration when it is convenient for her. She strategically supported the war against Iraq, while insinuating that President Bush had prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks–and therefore, could have prevented them.

Hillary has set her sights on the White House in 2008. She assiduously has been revamping her image in the media as a pragmatic Democrat who is an effective advocate for her constituents. She has championed the toppling of Saddam Hussein, fiscal responsibility and increased rural aid for farmers in more conservative upstate New York.

Her strategy is working.

This is why it is important for Republicans to remind voters of Hillary’s liberal record and the destructive role she played during her husband’s administration. It was Mrs. Clinton who led the failed efforts to establish a Canadian-style public health care system. She also was involved in much of the corruption that pervaded the Clinton presidency–Whitewater being the most obvious example.

Mrs. Clinton represents a new breed of Democrat, who, like her husband, combines radical social liberalism with ruthless pursuit of political power. She seeks to advance an anti-family, pro-gay rights agenda while simultaneously practicing a political cronyism and ceaseless fund-raising that puts old-style Democratic bosses to shame. Mrs. Clinton must be stopped.

Madame Hillary provides a much-needed blueprint.


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