Washington Post Smears McCarthy

The style section of the Washington Post last week included a brief smear against Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R.-Wis.), the patriotic anti-Communist senator who first warned about Communist subversion in the U.S. government 54 years ago in a series of political speeches.

In drawing attention to the coverage of Sen. McCarthy’s famous Wheeling, W.Va., speech in the Wheeling Intelligencer, the Post noted that “Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy . . . inaugurated an era of ruinous gossip and innuendo.” The brief one-paragraph item in the Post noted in closing, “A Senate committee later found no basis for McCarthy’s claims.”

Despite the campaign of misinformation that liberal journalists and historians continue to wage against McCarthy, HUMAN EVENTS contributing editor M. Stanton Evans, author of several articles in HUMAN EVENTS over the years, and Ann Coulter in her book Treason, have exposed the distortions, fallacies and misrepresentations that continue to tarnish McCarthy’s reputation.