Who Will Pay to Beat Bush?

Here is a partial listing of the left-wing groups that will spend significant sums this year to try to defeat President Bush. The figures without asterisks are estimated fundraising goals for 2004. The figures with a single asterisk are estimates from 2002; and those with two asterisks are from 2000. All figures are taken from press reports.

AFL-CIO: $52 million

AFSCME: $16 million*

America Coming Together (ACT): $98 million

League of Conservation Voters: $4 million** Voter Fund: $10-$15 million

Moving Forward America: $3-$5 million

NAACP: $10.5 million**

NARAL Pro-choice America: $7.5 million**

Partnership for America’s Families: $12 million

People for the American Way $3.1 million**

Planned Parenthood: $10 million**

SEIU: $35-$40 million

Sierra Club: $9.5 million**

Ickes Media Fund: $95 million

New Democrat Network: $10-$20 million

Grassroots Democrats: $10 million

Human Rights Campaign: $2.8 million**

American Family Voices: $640,000**

Brady Campaign (Handgun Control): $5 million**

Center for American Progress: $10 million

Environment 2004: $5 million