Congresswoman Proud of Super Bowl's 'Family-Oriented Entertainment'

From the Congressional Record of Feb. 3, 2004:

Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I will look forward to joining my colleague, the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Burgess) on the floor of the House, to celebrate and commemorate the heroic lives of the seven Columbia astronauts, our friends and neighbors.

Today I would like to cite two disparately different perspectives on some issues that I think are important. First, let me take personal pride in congratulating all of the law enforcement, community leaders, civic leaders, our past mayor, and our present mayor Bill White, for what has been touted beyond other issues as the best played Super Bowl in the NFL’s history, and to congratulate Houstonians for being the most welcoming city that I think the Super Bowl has experienced over the last years of its history.

We are proud of what we did. We are proud of the family-oriented entertainment that we offered, and we look forward to extending an invitation back to all of you in years to come. Might I congratulate Bob McNair and all of the civic leaders for what they have done. (emphasis added)