Excerpts from Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House

“This is a book about an ambitious, power-hungry woman–the wife of the forty-second president of the United States and a deep-dyed radical. She reminds me of the late Madame Mao, Jiang Qing. In China Madame Mao was called ‘the white-boned demon,’ after the legendary phantasm that could supposedly take on different shapes and was never more dangerous than when wearing a seductive guise.” (p. 1)

Hillary’s Trojan Horse
“In both the Edwards and Clark candidacies, Hillary is not only keeping her second option open. She is also keeping the other candidates humble–and in a state of confusion. With the arrival of candidate Clark, Kerry lost the ability to brag that he was the only candidate who had actually seen combat. Lieberman lost much of his centrist appeal. Edwards and the soon-to-retire Bob Graham saw their claim on the South diminished. Hillary sent Clark into the race in the same spirit as a computer hacker sending out viruses, with the intention to disrupt, to discombobulate, and to keep others from rising to the top.” (p. 15)

Hillary: The SENIOR, Junior New York Senator
“Invisible to the public, Hillary has risen into one of the most powerful jobs in the Senate Democratic leadership. It did not take her long to locate the Senate sweet spot in the form of the Steering and Coordination Committee, the place where the wish lists of big money, liberal interest groups (labor, trial lawyers, enviros, and far-out lobbies like NOW and People for the American Way) get a say on the Democrats’ internal policy agenda.

“The appointment so rankled Chuck Schumer, her nominal senior, that Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle had to appease him with the special (read: minor) leadership post of ‘regional whip.'” (p. 44-45)

Hillary: Version 7.0
“Senator Clinton is more punctilious than the Hillary who served her husband as first lady. She is infinitely more suave than the first lady whose temper tantrums and rudeness to her staff were staples of White House press coverage and who drew hoots when her earlier book, It Takes a Village, arrived in bookstores.” (p. 69)

“With the publication of Living History, the evidence suggests that the New Hillary–that is to say, Senator Clinton–has learned from past mistakes.” (p. 70)

“‘This book and the attendant public relations campaign is a grand inoculation effort,’ says GOP consultant Philip Kawior. ‘It is a vehicle with which she brings up her past, debates it on her own terms, earns the right to call it ‘old hat,’ and removes bad stories as a counterforce for her future ambitions.'” (p. 70-71)

The Classless Move
“The Moynihan family dutifully called both New York Senate offices, informing them of the death, and of their plans to make an announcement at a time convenient to the family. Hillary Rodham Clinton–the junior senator from New York–darted out of a meeting upon hearing of her predecessor’s death. ‘Clinton could barely contain herself with the news,’ a Senate Democratic staffer said. ‘She practically ran out the door to make the announcement.’

“Several hours before the Moynihan family could break the news and Schumer could make the formal announcement to his colleagues, Hillary strode to the Senate floor to make a pretty little speech praising her predecessor. ‘Schumer was out of his mind,’ a Senate staffer said. ‘The family was very upset.’ ‘That wasn’t hers to announce,’ a family representative told at least one journalist. ‘It was classless.'” (p. 100)

The Co-President
“‘Two years ago we had a balanced budget,’ [says Hillary.] ‘We had a surplus. We were paying down our debt. We were on the road to making our economy strong–far into the future.'” (p. 135)

“As usual, Hillary and her husband are their own best political consultants. This is no ordinary political speech–it is the early stump speech of a former president seeking to return to office. Hillary all but refers to the ‘buy one, get one free’ administration, in which she was once famously considered to be a ‘co-president.’ When she talks of ‘bringing America back,’ she really means bringing back a Clinton presidency. She speaks as the once and future president.” (p. 136-137)

Two of a Kind
“Hillary and Bill dominate others with the inexhaustible energy of lifelong egotists. They are forever on the march and on the make??¢â???¬ ¦.Throughout the spring and summer of 2003, as the Democratic presidential candidates launched their campaigns and earnestly elbowed each other out of the limelight, the Clintons effortlessly hogged the show whenever they wished. Hillary had her grand book tour and occasional Solomonic pronouncements. Bill had such high jinks as his very public musings on whether the constitutional amendment barring two-term presidents should endure; his delightful counseling of California’s doomed governor, Gray Davis; and his unexpected words of understanding for President George W. Bush (who was at the time being called a liar for sixteen incautious words in his State of the Union address).” (p. 163)

Hillary’s White House
“Despite the political drag the Clintons exert on their fellow Democrats, Hillary, paradoxically, remains the party’s nominee-in-waiting for some future bid for the presidency.” (p. 187)

“Madame Hillary would, in her wildest dreams, undoubtedly relish a presidency that was an unending left-wing rampage, a national Cambodian re-education camp for anyone caught wearing an Adam Smith necktie or scarf. Such ‘extremists’ are the enemy, after all, composing the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy that must be scotched if Clintonian America is to be saved. She would install an all-woman Cabinet to thumb her nose at the patriarchy.” (p. 193)

Hillary Is Not Invincible
“Hillary Rodham Clinton is determined to run for president. Barring the unforeseen, the only barrier between her and the White House is a good Republican campaign. If the Republicans fail and Hillary is elected, she will work through the night like a busy little beaver gnawing away at the rule of law.” (p. 201)

“Her opponent will have to deserve to win. The first task in deserving to win is to stand resolutely for the main principles of the party. If the GOP is not the party of cutting taxes and smaller government??¢â???¬ ¦a strong national defense, and a stand for life against abortion, eugenics, and euthanasia, it is nothing. Take away the tax-cutting and smaller government planks, and Republicans lose. Take away the strong national defense plank, and Republicans lose–not only the election, but lives. Take away the protection of life plank, and Republicans lose–not only the election, but the soul of their party.” (p. 205)


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