Steve Forbes: Arlen Specter 'Not Just a Liberal,' but a 'Dangerous Liberal'

Just when I was beginning to wonder if the big-dogs in the Republican establishment have completely bought into the “GOP-majority-at-all-costs” mentality, along comes a principled Republican willing to stand up for what and who is right and Right. The other day a coworker of mine received a fundraising letter from the Toomey for U.S. Senate Campaign signed by Steve Forbes. (In case anyone is unaware, conservative Rep. Pat Toomey (R.-Penn.) is taking on liberal GOP Sen. Arlen Specter in this year’s Republican primary. It will be an exceedingly tough fight for Toomey as he takes on the entrenched incumbent, who has the support of the political establishment.) Allow me to share several short excerpts from that letter that may be encouraging to many conservatives listening for a truly conservative voice from the Republican Party: “Pat Toomey is a conservative GOP Congressman running in Pennsylvania against the very liberal GOP Senator Arlen Specter.”


“. . . we ALL have had to live with a weak-kneed, GOP-controlled Senate unable or unwilling to get tough with Tome Daschle, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and the obstructionist liberal Democrats. “And frankly, . . . the time has come for conservatives nationwide to take a stand.”


“. . . the time has come to let liberal Republicans know they can no longer expect conservatives to hold their noses and vote for them for the ‘good of the Party.’ “. . . there’s no better place to start than by ousting Arlen Specter. . . .”


Listing Specter’s attributes, Forbes notes that Specter is:

  • “one of the biggest taxers in the Senate”
  • “one of the biggest spenders in the Senate who Citizens Against Government Waste listed as one of the Senate’s ‘Kings of Pork’ in its Pig Book”
  • “an enthusiastic advocate of racial preferences”
  • “a major roadblock to tort reform”
  • “an admirer of the International Criminal Court. . .”

    “Mr. Specter is not just a liberal. He is a dangerous liberal whose betrayals over the years have seriously harmed both our nation and our cause.”


    Forbes provides a few of Specters “betrayals”:

  • “In 1987, Arlen Specter betrayed then-president Ronald Reagan by helping Ted Kennedy smear Judge Robert Bork to keep him off of the Supreme Court.”
  • “In 1999, Mr. Specter embarrassed himself by invoking ‘Scottish Law’ and voting ‘Not Proven’ in the Senate impeachment trial of Bill Clinton.”
  • “In 2001, Arlen Specter once again turned his back on his fellow Republicans when he worked with the liberal Democrats to undermine President George W. Bush’s first tax cuts.”