Tackling Indecency, But Not Janet Jackson (or Any of Those Other Halftime 'Entertainers')

During a Super Bowl halftime show yesterday that was about as outrageous as it was lame, Americans were treated to an “accidental” glimpse of a part of Janet Jackson’s body that is usually supposed to be covered by a swimsuit.

Today, the public outrage in response to the event has been palpable. Sure, there are some who are feigning disgust and hiding their pleasure, but, for the most part, viewers — particularly viewers with children — have been loud in their criticisms of CBS, MTV, and the NFL.

What is really interesting in the wake of this event is the lack of outrage by liberal women’s groups and other public interest organizations who claim to speak for Americans who feel these types of things are inappropriate.

So, what should be done to stop idiotic events like yesterday’s Super Bowl halftime show? Maybe decency-loving Americans should follow the lead of New England Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham who dealt with an attention-hungry streaker in his own way.

According to the Associated Press “The second-half kickoff of the Super Bowl was delayed after a man dressed as a referee ran onto the field, stripped down to a G-string and shoes, then started dancing at the 30-yard line.”

How did this indecent exposure come to an end? The AP reports that “New England linebacker Matt Chatham leveled the man, identified as Mark Francis Roberts, as he ran from security personnel. The 39-year-old Roberts, who had the name of a gambling Web site scribbled across his chest, was hogtied and carried off the field by police.”

Is it time for Americans to take the enforcement of public decency standards into their own hands?