Bush's Amnesty Plan Triggers Jump in Illegal Immigration

Beginning two to three days after President Bush proposed a plan that would allow illegal aliens to stay in the United States on renewable three-year work visas — a plan that critics describe as an amnesty in disguise — the number of illegal aliens caught trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border jumped dramatically, says a spokesman for the union representing Border Patrolmen. In the San Diego sector of the border “we have two to three times the number we had a few weeks ago,” Senior Border Patrol Agent Shawn Moran told HUMAN EVENTS. Moran is spokesman for the local San Diego chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, the patrolmen’s union. “In one place, we have eight times,” said Moran. Asked if this could just be a seasonal increase, Moran replied, “We usually get something of an increase at this time of year, but nothing like this.” The trend showed no signs of abating, he said. Moran says he is certain Bush’s plan is motivating the illegal aliens who have caused the spike in illegal border crossings. “Because 95% of the people we’re catching say that’s why,” Moran said. “They say they’re coming for the amnesty. A lot of these people have not been caught before. They have no immigration histories.” Moran also said the Bush proposal has caused a change in the urgency and demography of illegal border crossers. “We’re catching them repeatedly throughout the week,” Moran said. “They’re desperate to get this amnesty even though we told them it’s only a proposal. . . . We’re catching more women and children than we have since 1999.” Moran said that he and his fellow agents oppose Bush’s immigration proposal. “I have yet to find a single Border Patrol agent that thinks it’s a good idea,” said Moran. He noted that many illegal aliens transformed into guest workers are likely to have children while working in the United States. Those children, he said, would be American citizens, meaning their parents would almost certainly never be deported but would instead stay here for life. He said that illegal immigration could be brought under control if the federal government wished to do so. “What’s lacking is the political will to do it,” he said. Moran said the Border Patrol union is preparing a lobbying effort to stop the proposal.