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It seems that God is being removed from everything, including (especially) Christmas. That's what makes Gallup's recent findings on religion in America so interesting.


Despite ‘X-Mas’ Season, Religion Still Important

It seems that God is being removed from everything, including (especially) Christmas. That’s what makes Gallup’s recent findings on religion in America so interesting.

“Happy Holidays”

“Season’s Greetings”

Those are the “festive” salutations customers hear everywhere in the city throughout December, from store clerks to bus drivers.

Considering the peaked level of political correctness that exists during the Christmas season from personal greetings to the outlawing of nativity scenes to the renaming of the Capitol Hill Christmas Tree to the Capitol Hill Holiday Tree, you may find the results of a recent Gallup poll interesting.

Released by Gallup December 5, “Religion Is Very Important to Majority of Americans” reveals that a large majority of Americans still consider religion “very important,” and even more consider themselves “Christian.”

In the analysis, Gallup remarks that “Americans’ religiosity may be cloaked in wrapping paper at this time of year, but make no mistake, religion is very much present in American society, and an important part of life for most U.S. adults.” As evidence they found that 61 percent of Americans said they believe religion to be “very important” in their own lives and 43 percent said they attended church in the past week. Gallup also found that 85 percent of Americans place themselves in one of four Christian groups: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Mormon, and Christian (no specific denomination).

Religion is very important in own life

  • National Adults: 61%
  • Men: 53%
  • Women: 69%
  • White: 57%
  • Nonwhite: 77%
  • 18-29: 48%
  • 30-49: 59%
  • 50-64: 63%
  • 65+: 76%
  • East: 56%
  • Midwest: 60%
  • South: 73%
  • West: 50%
  • Postgraduate education: 56%
  • College degree only: 50%
  • Some College: 59%
  • No college: 69%
  • Republican: 67%
  • Independent: 54%
  • Democrat: 63%
  • Protestant: 65%
  • Catholic: 60%
  • Religion Preference

  • Protestant: 53%
  • Catholic: 23%
  • Jewish: 2%
  • Mormon: 2%
  • Other Christian: 7%
  • Other specific: 2%
  • None: 8%
  • Undesignated: 3%
  • How often do you attend church or synagogue – at least once a week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom, or never?

  • Once a week: 31%
  • Almost every week: 14%
  • About once a month: 14%
  • Seldom: 30%
  • Never: 10%
  • No opinion: 1%
  • Also worth noting is the U.S.’s placement of importance on religion compared to close allies – Canada and Great Britain.

    Religion “Very Important”

  • United States: 61%
  • Canada: 28%
  • Great Britain: 17%
  • Attended church/synagogue in past week:

  • United States: 43%
  • Canada: 26%
  • Great Britain: 17%
  • So why, then, does our country seem determined to remove God from everything, including Christmas?

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