Conservative Spotlight: Jesse Lee Peterson

Black leaders, overwhelmingly liberal, have utterly failed black Americans. Can anyone who looks at inner-city black communities, or at black crime and illegitimacy rates, or at any other measure of black well-being over the past 30 years believe otherwise? The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson thinks it is time for a change.

“I think that people recognize the failure of the liberal policies but they are afraid to discuss it,” said Peterson in a recent interview. “White Americans are afraid to discuss it because they are afraid of being called racist. Black people won’t discuss it because most of them believe America is against them and have anger against white Americans.”

Peterson said that America’s liberal establishment has a very simple formula for destroying people, one that it has used on most black communities and is now deploying on everybody else: “Get rid of the father, destroy the family, and bring in the government. And keep people angry.”

Peterson has written a new book, called Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America (WND Books, 2003). “The threat of being labeled a ‘racist’ causes whites to cower to the wishes of blacks and hold their tongues when they see things amiss in the black community,” he announced in a statement heralding the book on October 24. “Civil rights ‘leaders’ and elite liberal Democrats are much at fault for the poor condition of the black community, not so-called white racists. . . . As fear escalated in the beginning of the civil rights movement, whites became afraid and refused to speak against the movement as it veered from its original intent.”

As America moves further away from the ideal of free speech into a politically correct age, race is one of the loci of censorship and thought control. “I’ve never seen a time when white people were more afraid to speak out for fear of being called racists,” said Peterson.

Not so long ago, Peterson said, he was caught in the spell of fear and anger that causes so many politically correct “victim” groups to blame others for their problems instead of working to solve them themselves. Blacks in thrall to black leaders’ propaganda “believe that the Republicans want to take everything away from them and set them back,” he said. “I believed that myself until I took control of my own life 14 years ago.”

The key to dominating black America, said Peterson, has been socialism. That took ruining the character of black men and destroying the family unit in a process that is rapidly spreading to all sectors of American society, in the classic pattern of how modern statist elites achieve tyranny. Instead of having individual men responsible for and in charge of their families, “the government became the provider and these so-called leaders took control of the people,” he said.

Peterson, who also has a radio show, is the founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), whose motto is “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man.” “The average black man isn’t worth a dime,” said Peterson. “The black woman doesn’t respect him, his fellow men don’t respect him, his children don’t respect him. . . . I spoke to 50 boys at a juvenile detention center. Only one of them had a father at home. They hated their fathers.” In fact, he said, “70% of black babies are born out of wedlock.”

BOND teaches the biblical doctrine of male headship of families. “There’s a spiritual order to life, whether you like it or not,” Peterson said. “God over Christ, Christ over man, and man over woman.”

He said that black audiences typically do not respond to his anti-socialist message of personal responsibility and assertions of black leaders’ corruption. “Most of the time,” he said, “they want to hang me up on a cross.”

BOND has a home for boys and young men ages 13 to 25. “Some we get from the streets, some are from their mothers who can’t handle them,” said Peterson. “We teach them to forgive their fathers and mothers for not being there for them, forgive themselves-and stop hating white folks.” And, of course, he said, “we don’t take money from the government.”

Peterson said that American men must act now to prevent the catastrophe that has overtaken inner-city black communities by sheltering their families from hateful rhetoric and degraded popular culture. “White men are afraid to stand up and protect their children,” he said. “They won’t protect their kids from this music. . . . They will sacrifice their kids to these people.”

Peterson may be reached at BOND, P.O. Box 35090, Los Angeles, Calif. 90035-0090 (323-782-1980; fax: 323-782-0122;; website: