Breaking NewsThe New Drug Entitlement Could Lose

Conservative congressional sources tell HUMAN EVENTS that the vote tonight on the new prescription drug entitlement will be very close–in fact, the bill may fail.

“We’re just hoping the vote doesn’t last until Sunday,” joked a staffer for Rep. Mike Pence (R.-Ind.), implying that the House leadership and the White House might extend the voting period for hours and hours.

The Administration, eager to garner the votes of senior citizens with the help of this new entitlement program, will have men on hand to twist the arms of some lawmakers and entice others with goodies for their states in the omnibus appropriations that is expected next month or early next year.

Various House sources agreed in their estimate of 25 hard “no” votes. On June 26, 19 conservative Republicans voted against the bill, which passed by just one vote. Democrats, on the other hand, are furiously whipping the vote, encouraging their members to vote against.

But while it may appear that the odds are against the prescription drug benefit, just remember last time, when two members changed their votes on the floor, and another–Rep. Steve King (R.) of Iowa–changed his mind in a matter of hours after speaking with HUMAN EVENTS, and voted in favor.

The vote is expected this evening between 4 and 6 p.m.