How Do Leftists 'Support The Troops'? They Go After the Commander In Chief

Democrats are fond of saying they “support the troops.”

How exactly do they do this? Well, they lambaste and castigate those same troops’ Commander in Chief in front of the world – that’s how.

I would doubt that the troops see such demeanor as “support.”

What follows are some quotes the nine liberals running for the Democratic nomination have spouted about President Bush when it comes to the military and foreign policy, the most recent ones coming from the Democratic debate that occurred Sunday night.

If you were one of the men and women on the ground overseas, would you buy the line these Leftists are trying to sell about their support for the troops while demeaning the troops’ leader and the accomplishments the military has achieved?

If you were one of the terrorists overseas, would you believe that the Democratic Party — half of the American government — actually supports the troops?

FMR. VT. GOV. HOWARD DEAN: . . . I’ve made it very clear that we need to support our troops, unlike President Bush, who tried to cut their combat pay after they’d been over there and he’d doubled their tour of duty, unlike President Bush who tried to cut — who successfully cut 164,000 veterans off their health-care benefits. (10/26/2003)

SEN. JOHN KERRY (MASS.): . . . This president has done it wrong every step of the way. . . . He has a fraudulent coalition. . . . He broke every promise. He’s done it wrong. (10/26/2003)

REV. AL SHARPTON: We cannot continue to play Bush roulette — it used to be Russian roulette, now it’s Bush roulette. . . . Mr. Bush put the honor of this nation aside when he deceived the public by putting us in harm’s way with no weapons of mass destruction. (10/26/2003)

RET. GEN. WESLEY CLARK: Right after 9/11, this administration determined to do bait and switch on the American public. . . . [T]here is no excuse for his failure of leadership. (10/26/2003)

REP. DICK GEPHARDT (MO.): I agree with the view that this president has failed us. . . . (10/26/2003)

GEPHARDT: I think this administration has failed in getting at the root causes of terrorism. (10/26/2003)

KERRY: . . . as I listen to Governor Dean, I’m not sure, if I were he, I’d want to use George Bush as a reverence for a governor becoming president without foreign-policy experience. . . (10/26/2003)

SHARPTON: . . . we have a president that wants to give people the right to vote in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, and not respect the right of the voters in the capital of the U.S. in Washington, D.C. (10/26/2003)

CLARK: . . . I am in this campaign because this country is in one heck of a mess. It’s in a mess in Iraq, it’s in a mess at home, and it needs strong leadership. (10/26/2003)

SEN. JOHN EDWARDS (S.C.): George Bush’s America is not our America. (10/26/2003)

GEPHARDT: This president is a miserable failure. He is a miserable failure. (9/4/2003)

GEPHARDT: This president doesn’t get it. He’s a unilateralist. He thinks he knows all the answers. He doesn’t respect others. (9/4/2003)

KERRY: I think it would be wonderful to have a president of the United States who could find the rest of the countries in this hemisphere. (9/4/2003)

GEPHARDT: This president is a miserable failure on foreign policy. . . . (9/4/2003)

KERRY: We’ve been misled, we’ve not been told the truth and we deserve a president of the United States who knows the meaning of the words “last resort” and tells the American people the truth. (9/8/2003)

DEAN: We cannot lose the peace in Iraq. . . . This is a battle for terrorism all right. It’s a battle that was created by the president of the United States who ignored the greater danger in Iran and North Korea and Al Qaida at home to do it. (9/9/2003)

KERRY: This president has turned his back on 200 years of tradition of our country in foreign policy. . . . And it’s extraordinary, it’s an act of negligence of remarkable proportions, because this president began this war on his schedule. (9/9/2003)

GEPHARDT: This president’s foreign policy is a miserable failure. He has failed the American people. . . . (9/9/2003)

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (OHIO): [T]he president misled the nation. (9/9/2003)

FMR. SEN. CAROL MOSELEY BRAUN (ILL.): You know, strength in the war on terrorism is not represented by bravura and bullying and striding around the world stage pushing people around. It’s not represented by the kind of showing off that we’ve seen. . . . (9/9/2003)

SHARPTON: . . . I would not act like a gang leader like George Bush did saying, “Let’s get on,” when I got troops on the ground. (9/9/2003)

SHARPTON: [President Bush] talks about loving the troops. He loves them when they’re on the battlefield. But when they come home, he doesn’t love them. (9/9/2003)


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