Congress Should Probe and Defund the Kinseyites

Third of a three-part series

In the first two parts of this series, we uncovered how Lawrence v. Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent unconstitutional pro-sodomy ruling, cited academic and legal sources that rely on false data-the debunked 1948 and 1953 “findings” of sex deviate Prof. Alfred C. Kinsey.

This twisted, unsupportable Lawrence decision was bad enough. But worse, Kinsey’s many disciples are going to keep on using his bogus sexual “findings” to pervert U.S. law, education, culture and society. That is, unless Congress finally takes notice and does something about it.

One of the worst facets of the Kinseyization of American life is the direct harm it does to our children and youth. The Kinseyites’ central lies-that “everybody’s doing it,” “children are sexual from birth,” “school kids need K-12 sex immersion,” and “children can make their own decisions”-have made it open season on our kids for an ever-growing cesspool of victimizers.

The truth is: Alfred Kinsey’s cold, dead hands are clamped tightly around America’s children, and the fault lies largely with his apologists in academia, who include even enablers of pedophilia. This is unacceptable. It has to change. And Congress can change it.

How? First, here’s a refresher in recent history. Kinsey is the “father of the sexual revolution,” thanks to his widely ballyhooed works on sexual behavior in men (1948) and women (1953). They formed the basis for the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code (1955), which misled state and federal authorities into reducing and even killing penalties for many sex crimes.

Yet Kinsey’s influence didn’t stop there. His books remain entrenched in academic mythology- even though this author and her colleagues “demolished the foundation of the two [Kinsey] reports,” as an article in the British medical journal The Lancet attested back in 1990.

Kinsey managed to undermine America’s Biblical/classical sexual morality by creating a phony new academic field, the study of “sexuality,” now complete with all the scholarly touches of professors, textbooks, research papers, journals, conferences, curricula-and government grants.

This new “scientific” community unscientifically blacklists everyone who would present the facts that expose Kinsey as a fraud and sexual psychopath. That conveniently leaves the Kinseyites free to continue inflicting their baseless and injurious pro-deviance message on American society.

These scholars’ blind resistance to facts is not atypical, as late MIT philosopher of science Thomas S. Kuhn pointed out in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolution. He found that scholars “whose research is based on shared paradigms are committed to the same rules and standards . . . predicated on the assumption that the scientific community knows what the world is like.” Scientists, Kuhn said, “defend that assumption, if necessary at considerable cost” and often “suppress fundamental [data] . . . subversive of its basic commitments.”

So if the Kinseyite dinosaurs, largely taxpayer-funded, refuse to change, they need to be made extinct. An excellent way for Congress to do just that is to revive a House bill from 1995, the Child Protection and Ethics in Education Act.

In its initial stage, that explosive bill mandated a congressional investigation “to determine if Alfred Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and/or Sexual Behavior in the Human Female are the result of any fraud or criminal wrongdoing.” If the answer was yes, all past or present tax dollars for propagandistic Kinseyite sex education and similar programs could be eliminated and all Kinseyite professors, textbooks and so on would be evaluated based on the “tainted nature of the Kinsey reports.”

This is powerful stuff. At the mere thought of such congressional scrutiny, Indiana University nearly padlocked its campus guest, the Kinsey Institute, for so-called budgetary reasons. Unfortunately, though, the money-laden, powerful Ford and Rockefeller foundations weighed in and the Child Protection legislation ended up on a back burner.

Nevertheless, the proposed congressional investigation received worldwide publicity, and that prompted the making of a major British documentary, “Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles.” That Yorkshire television film, produced by award-winning director Tim Tate, was screened throughout England on Aug. 10, 1998, to widespread acclaim and BBC kudos.

The film documented that Kinsey was aided by scores of brutal pedophiles as well as a German Nazi, Dr. Friz von Balluseck later arrested in 1955 for a child sex murder-with Balluseck egged on by Kinsey at Indiana University. In 1998, John Bancroft, then the Kinsey Institute director, told Kinseyites in San Francisco that he “pray[ed]” Americans would never get to see the film.

The Kinsey Institute has done more than “pray.” Despite the critical acclaim for Tate’s documentary, no American station has ever broadcast it.

The institute is open to comrades only, but it receives major federal and state funds for “science” such as pro-pedophile lecturers and measurements of peoples’ sexual arousal. In 1998, Indiana University republished Kinsey’s fraudulent “research” but hid the truth about his false data and his child sex abuse “methodology.” It even launched a year-long mass media campaign to bury Kinsey’s history as the pioneer of Nazi-style “scientific” sexual atrocities against children.

That was the barbaric “orgasm” experimentation by Kinsey and/or Kinsey-trained rapists on infants as young as two months, using stopwatches while the little victims convulsed, fainted, screamed, wept and pleaded to be released, only to be “tested” and sometimes filmed again.

Somehow it comes as no surprise that Hollywood is making Kinsey, a biopic that will glorify this monster and omit the sordid reality that he was a self-abusing, bisexual sadomasochist pornography addict-and probably a pedophile.

Nor is the movie likely to admit that Kinsey solicited child sex abuse “data” from von Balluseck and from the pioneers of the North American Man-Boy Love Association. By the way, NAMBLA’s website calls Kinsey its hero “in the struggle we fight today.”

The Kinseyites are riding high, but we can stop them. Tell your congressman and senators they must revive and pass the Child Protection and Ethics Act of 1995 so the Kinsey Institute and its pro-pedophilia minions throughout academia can be investigated, exposed and defunded.

The safety and the souls of America’s children are at stake, and we cannot fail to act.


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