Arnold's Work-Out Partner

With all the attention given Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent election as California’s governor, speculation over who the governor-elect will tap for his official family is on a par with that given a president-elect’s choices for Cabinet and staff.

Conservatives clearly believe that the former bodybuilder will score a hit with skeptics on the right by naming Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle as his chief of staff. Solid conservative Pringle, who was speaker of the Assembly in 1995-96, is the only person mentioned for the Schwarzenegger team who is not close to the new governor’s controversial ally, former Gov. Pete Wilson. In contrast, Pringle is a close associate and friend to Orange County Republican Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Chris Cox, both of whom are conservatives themselves and longtime Schwarzenegger boosters.

Wilsonites being considered for the top job in the governor’s office are Russell Gould, formerly Wilson’s secretary of health and welfare and finance director, who is now managing director of Midwest Financial, and Gary Hunt, formerly a Wilson staffer and now a vice president of the Irvine Company (whose president Don Bren was a big donor to Wilson, Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, and Schwarzenegger).