Ruining Children's Lives

We are being lied to about our children. In Day Care Deception: What the Child Care Establishment Isn’t Telling Us, Brian Robertson lucidly explains what’s at stake in what amounts to a national scandal with a nationwide cover-up.

The United States has the highest rate of child homicide and child suicide in the world. The childhood murder rate has tripled since 1950, 7.7-million children suffer from emotional disorders; 50% of girls and 55% of boys report some form of sexual experience before age 18; and rates of sexual abuse of children are up 350% in the last 20 years.

During the same period, the number of children left alone after school has increased from 1.6 million to 12 million in the last three decades. Not surprisingly, this all coincides with the veritable across-the-board victory for the contemporary feminist movement.

This movement claims what would have been unthinkable a generation ago: Infants have no particular need for their mothers, and the traditional family is but a social construct that must be smashed, lest women be held captive by it.

Enter day care. Day care liberates mothers from the burden of childrearing. As a result, feminists have strenuously propagandized women into supporting a $13-billion industry, serving 7 million children who spend on average 39 hours a week in day care. And this is what day care has given our children:

  • Research shows the strong correlation between more than 30 hours of non-maternal care a week and “aggressive” behavior.
  • Rage and sadness result from disrupted early relationships and lack of caregiver consistency.
  • Poor maternal attachment leads to high levels of loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and inability to deal with difficulties in adulthood.
  • Insecure maternal attachment “reverberates through the child’s life in the form of lowered self-esteem, impaired relationships, inability to seek help . . . distorted character development” and “impulsive, self-destructive or rageful conduct.”
  • Lower test scores, slower development of necessary skills for success in school and moral sensibilities are stunted by the lack of attachment to one special adult.
  • Children in day care are 3 to 4.5 times more likely to be hospitalized as a result of contracting disease and illnesses-including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-is disproportionately higher for children in child care.
  • But thanks to widespread complicity by the news media and other institutions infected by feminism, this research fails to reach the general populace.

    Jay Belsky, sociology professor at the University of London, has spent his career studying the effects of day care on children. For a long time he suppressed what he was finding but could no longer stay silent. Once he broke his silence he was ridiculed in the media and ostracized by his colleagues.

    “I sometimes feel like I’m in the old Soviet Union,” he says, “where only certain facts are allowed to be facts, and only certain news is allowed to be news.”

    Of course the media and academia are chock-full of mothers with their careers resting on the success of the day care industry. As a result, no politician, Republican or Democrat, in his or her right mind would try to oppose it.

    Robertson recommends that politicians take action by ending direct subsidies to commercial child care, and he also advises extending tax credits to families with small children that would allow one parent to stay home, and to businesses that allow women extended leave without penalty or give the option of working from home.

    As it is now, families are given tax breaks to put their children in government-licensed day care, the best of which only the rich can afford. Meanwhile, families that choose to have one parent at home are paying the bill.

    When I sat down to read this book I was an interested newlywed. That same day I found out that I’m a father-to-be, which made Robertson’s study more personal and even more horrifying.

    The child my wife is carrying is months from entering the world and we have some decisions to make. But one of them has already been made. Day care is out of the question.


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