The Increasing Opposition to Homosexual Marriage

Though the homosexual lobby praised the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas, the case striking down anti-sodomy laws at the state level, there has been a backlash in public opinion on homosexuality and, more specifically, homosexual marriage. For example, in July, USA Today reported the findings of a poll in which people, for the first time since 1997, expressed more opposition than support (49%-46%) for the notion that homosexuality should be considered “an acceptable alternative lifestyle.”

Now another poll has been released showing the trend to be continuing. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported the results of a poll showing that, since the Lawrence decision, the support for homosexual civil unions has dropped 12 points, from 49% to 37%.

Alas, the voices of the American people regarding morals they’ve been taught in Sunday school and in reading the Bible had little impact on the recent decisions of the increasingly liberal Episcopal Church. Instead, the Episcopalian leadership elevated a homosexual priest to the position of bishop and gave all of its bishops the option to allow the blessing of homosexual relationships.

The Post poll included a question about the Episcopal Church’s decision to bless such relationships. Disapproval of the church’s move registered at 60%, almost twice the rate of approval (33%). Also, the poll showed that 63% of those with a religious affiliation would disapprove of a move to bless homosexual relationships in their own church and that 47% of regular churchgoers would look for another church if theirs made such a move.

Everyday the issue of homosexuality looks more and more like it will be a pivotal issue in the 2004 race for the White House. Unwittingly, the liberals in the Supreme Court and the nation’s leftists gave conservatives an issue around which they can rally and by which they can gain the support of Democrats conflicted by the morality debates within their own party.



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