Beichman Responds to Ann Coulter

In her latest column, Ann Coulter took issue with a recent piece by Arnold Beichman in which he was critical of her new book Treason, particularly her defense of former Sen. Joe McCarthy.

In response to the Coulter article, Arnold Beichman wrote the following letter to HUMAN EVENTS and asked that it be considered for publication. In the interest of fairness, as both columnists are respected conservative voices, the letter from Mr. Beichman follows.


I want to make a short comment on Ann Coulter’s attack on me.

First, she ignores my disclosure that Joe McCarthy accepted Communist Party support in his 1946 Senate race.

Second, she maligns the late Richard L. Walker, one of the most effective anti-Communist scholars on Communist China.

Third, my opposition to the PRC goes back more than half a century and continues to this day as my many Washington Times columns will attest.

Arnold Beichman
Research Fellow
Hoover Institution