Does Bush Want a GOP Governor in California?

President Bush is almost certain to campaign for Republicans in three of the four states electing governors this fall. But it is still up in the air whether he will be involved in the biggest state race of all — that to determine a successor to California Gov. Gray Davis if the embattled Democrat is recalled October 7th.

Asked by HUMAN EVENTS if the President had a position on the California contest and would campaign in the Golden State for any of the Republican gubernatorial hopefuls this fall, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan replied “The President feels that’s a matter for the people of California to decide.”

Pressed by our reporter as to whether the President wanted a Republican governor in California or not, McClellan said “There are several Republican candidates in California” and repeated that, “at this time,” the recall was a matter for Californians to decide.”

But he added that “if the situation changes, I will let you know.”