Enviros Use Global Warming Scare to Impose Restrictive Taxes

Why do environmental groups want to implement policies to stop global warming? Well, the answer should be obvious, right? “If we don’t begin to act now to curb global warming, our children will live in a world where the climate will be far less hospitable than it is today,” gushes the Sierra Club. The children–it’s always about the children. But it’s about more than just the children. It’s about Gaia and all her creation. Unless we take action now, NRDC ominously warns, “sea levels will rise, flooding coastal areas. Heat waves will be more frequent and more intense. Droughts and wildfires will occur more often. Disease-carrying mosquitoes will expand their range. And species will be pushed to extinction.”

Though it may be a bit insolent to ask, is this really all about saving us from the coming apocalypse?

FACT: No. Environmentalists are using global warming to impose taxes on the American people–taxes that restrict the freedom to use affordable energy and SUVs, two things environmentalists just can’t stand.

The method is clear: scare the public about a future world plagued by all of the above, then force through taxes on fuel, cars, electricity, carbon dioxide, whatever. J.W. Anderson said it best in Friday’s Washington Post. A journalist in residence at Resources for the Future, and former editorial writer for the Post, Anderson wrote: “The better and, in the nonpolitical sense of the word, more conservative policy would be to start now, gently and gradually, to discourage fuel use and encourage efficiency with a small tax on fuel–and put the country on notice that in years to come, if necessary, it would rise.”