The New Human Events Online

Welcome to the new Human Events Online. As you can see, the website has changed significantly. After spending countless hours preparing and planning for this new adventure, we are happy to bring it to you now. We made several major improvements, apart from the new look. Here are a few:

First, the website will be updated daily with more articles from Human Events staff and other well-known authors and links to important news on the internet. This new site also gives us the opportunity to provide more breaking news and time-sensitive material, so keep an eye on the website throughout each day as we will be updating it as events warrant.

Second, we set apart a portion of the website to highlight some of our columnists and articles. In the “View From the Right” section you will see links created specifically for the weekly columns of Ann Coulter and Terry Jeffrey, Bob Novak’s “Evans & Novak,” and John Gizzi’s “Politics 2003.” Also, we created “First Look,” where my daily column on pertinent issues and events will reside.

Third, we added some special features which we believe our readers will find useful. Book lovers have access to a “Reader’s Top Five” which lists the top five selling conservative books as reported by the Human Events Book Service. We also improved the search tool so readers can find articles more easily and can search a greater amount of material by word or phrase, topic, or columnist.

Shortly one of the biggest changes to our site, an all new “subscriber section,” will be activated. Subscribers to the print edition will have access to the entire paper online as well the ability to manage their accounts from their computers. Changing an address, renewing a subscription, and finding answers to questions about your account will be as easy as clicking a mouse.

During this our initial launch, we are providing all of our content for free to everyone. This provides an opportunity to view everything to which Human Events subscribers will have access all day every day. We will still offer a great deal of our material for free to everyone, including several daily articles, email alerts with insider reports, news updates and special offers, but the only way to fully enjoy the new site and get the optimum experience of Human Events Online is to become a subscriber.

With your subscription to Human Events you maintain full access to every article on the website — including “Evans & Novak,” “Politics 2003,” “Hillary Watch,” “Capital Briefs,” and much more — and to the entire Human Events Online archive. If you subscribe online today, you will also receive a free copy of Ann Coulter’s newest book Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. If you’re not yet a subscriber, I encourage you to click on the “subscribe” option on the homepage or click here to find out how to insure you won’t miss a thing and can continue fully enjoying the new Human Events Online.

We are excited about these changes and welcome your suggestions for the site and responses to our columns. This improved website will act as a major tool for Human Events to expand its influence. But, no matter the growth of Human Events, we will remain faithful to our work to defend and define conservative principles. The following is our policy, and it will remain so:

In reporting the news, Human Events is objective; it aims for accurate presentation of all the facts. But it is not impartial. It looks at events through eyes that favor limited government, private enterprise and individual freedom. These are the principles that inspired our Founding Fathers. We think that today the same principles will preserve freedom in America.