Dean Wins Wisconsin Democratic Straw Poll

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean emerged the clear winner in a straw poll of Wisconsin Democratic activists last week. Both delegates and official guests at Wisconsin’s Democratic Party convention — each group polled separately — easily picked the liberal over all of the perceived frontrunners. Dean knocked off his nearest competitor by a four-to-one margin among both groups.

The full results of the poll are available in a recent press release from the Wisconsin Democratic Party. The same release notes that attendance was significantly down this year — from 2,000 last year to 1,162 — and also complains of a ham-fisted effort by national Democrats to discourage voting in straw polls.


–Combined total: Dean (203), Kerry (50), Kucinich (27), Graham (19), Edwards (18), Gephardt (10), Moseley Braun (5), Lieberman (4), Sharpton (2), various write-ins (14).

–Delegates/Alternates: Dean (126), Kerry (33), Kucinich (16), Edwards (10), Gephardt (8), Lieberman (3), Graham (3), Moseley Braun (1), Sharpton (1), various write-ins (7).

–Official guests: Dean (77), Kerry (17), Graham (16), Kucinich (11), Edwards (8), Moseley Braun (4), Gephardt (2), Lieberman (1), Sharpton (1), various write-ins (7)


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