Straight-Talk From Michael Savage

Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation, a radio program that airs on over 300 stations nationwide, wants the American public to take action. As he explains in his new book The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture (WND Books, 220 pages, $24.99), he feels our borders and culture are threatened from enemies abroad and within.

"The future of America hangs in the balance like a loose tooth. Everything you and I have worked for is being wiped out before our eyes. Our borders, our language, and our culture are under siege," he writes. Savage succeeds in providing blunt, honest opinion in an appeal to the minds of the public.

"The book you’re holding has the power to unravel years of liberal brainwashing," Savage writes. "It has the unmatched insight and the unrestrained truth to prevent the continuous social disintegration cause by those who care only to secure the next vote through selling our interests to foreign enemies."

Savage admits he suffers from what he calls "truth in mouth syndrome" and spares no feelings of offense while delivering his message advocating the preservation of traditional American values.

Savage’s consistently over-the-top rhetoric slips occasionally into the immature-he uses phrases like "the Turd World" and thinks it’s funny to call New York’s left-wing broadsheet the Old York Times-and will not likely persuade liberals to embrace conservative ideas. But his Bronx straight-talk will make true believers grin, nod their heads, and laugh out loud.

"If you’re tired of being attacked in school whenever you celebrate the achievements of America; if you’re weary of being trampled on whenever you speak in favor of morality; if, as a Boy Scout, you’ve become a pariah while the perverts have become the victims, you’ve come to the right place," he writes.

‘Diversity is Perversity’

Patriotism runs deep through the spine of this book with no sympathy found for people whose political beliefs contribute to "trickle-down immorality," what Savage calls the moral decline of the United States.

Savage uses his book to defend Christianity, prayer, the Roman Catholic Church, the 2nd Amendment, and national heritage. "As a person of faith, [if] you dare to speak in favor of sexual restraint, the leftists say, ‘Don’t impose your morality on us,’" he writes. "Meanwhile, these secular humanists are having a field day ‘porning’ America with their oversexed vision of society."

"The Rats want to annihilate everything that’s good in the world and replace it with everything that’s evil."

Savage declares war on "liberal terrorism," accusing the American left of "unraveling the very fabric of this great nation." Their agenda, he writes, includes "the brain beating of your children, taking away your right to own guns, taking away private property, encouraging deviant sexual behavior, favoring plants and animals over human beings, and greatly expanding the ‘rights’ to kill the unborn."

Savage will make some conservatives smile and others perhaps cringe as he inveighs against "the Commu-Nazi ACLU turncoats," "PETA-brained" animal rights activists, gay activists and their "unrelenting celebration of sodomy in the midst of an AIDS epidemic," liberal media bias, and hippies lost in the 1960s, whom he refers to as "Red-Diaper-Doper-Babies" (RDDBs).

"To fight al Qaeda scum is to miss the terrorist network operating within our own borders," Savage writes. "Who are these traitors? Every rotten, radical left-winger in this country, that’s who."

Savage’s total lack of "political correctness" sometimes leads him, in his passion, into descend into what opponents will consider emotional rant. Savage insists that "Diversity is Perversity" and that terrorist activity stems from jealously. He asks: "Ever seen a label, ‘Made in Iran’ or ‘Made by the Taliban’? Of course not. They cut throats and blow things up."

But without this invective, the book would lack the passion and personality most readers who are familiar with his radio show have come to expect from Savage.

Despite its rough spots, The Savage Nation provides humor, sarcasm, confrontation and motivating observations for Americans who feel their voices have been silenced by the radical left and will inspire them to continue the fight to be heard.