Naral Goes 1-for-20 in Election

In spite of nationwide victories for pro-life candidates, National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) President Kate Michelman issued a statement November 6 that "it would be a serious mistake for politicians to read yesterday’s results as a mandate to insert themselves in women’s personal choices."

Michelman is in denial. Earlier this year, NARAL picked its 20 "key" House and Senate races. In each, it supported its candidate (all of whom were Democrats) with cash and endorsements. Only one "key" NARAL candidates-Sen. Tom Harkin (D.-Iowa)-won. Ironically, that was over a pro-abortion Republican, outgoing Rep. Greg Ganske.

NARAL likely would have gone 1-for 21, but it did not change its web page to endorse Walter Mondale (D.) in Minnesota after the death of Paul Wellstone.

Here are NARAL’s 20 "key" races, its endorsements and pre-election commentary. The source: NARAL’s web site,