U.S. Commission Ignores China's Holocaust for Little Girls

Imagine coming to America, touring all the states from the Pacific Coast through the Rocky Mountains, and discovering in that territory not one person still alive. They all had been murdered.

That would amount to more than 60 million dead-perhaps the most lethal genocide in history.

The People’s Republic of China may have already committed an anti-female genocide on this scale-and the killing continues. Meanwhile, most of the world looks away, pretending not to see this massive destruction of human life.

The most recent group contriving to ignore China’s war against women is a special U.S. commission set up specifically to monitor human rights in China.

Last week, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China issued its first annual report. Congress created this commission two years ago when it approved Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for the Communists in Beijing. The political purpose of the commission was to placate PNTR critics who did not accept the argument that unrestricted trade would transform China into a humane democracy. The alleged mission of the panel was to monitor human rights in the People’s Republic.

But the commission’s report is a disgrace. "Over the past two decades, China has made important strides toward building the structure of a modern legal system," it states in the first paragraph. "Chinese citizens today enjoy greater individual autonomy and more personal freedom than they could have imagined during the days of Chairman Mao Zedong."

Near the end of the 58-page text, the panel inserted a single paragraph citing "women’s rights" as an issue it intends to take up next year. "The one child policy, even in its somewhat milder current form, has had a severe and unequal impact on women, including in some instances forced sterilization and abortion," the commissioners casually conceded. "In addition, the continuing preference for sons has resulted in selective abortion and sometimes infanticide of baby-girls, causing a skewed male-female ratio in the general population."

It is hard to imagine what form of population control could allow China’s current program to be called "milder" by comparison. A nuclear strike might not kill as many people as China’s population program does. The suggestion that female infanticide is something that occurs only "sometimes" as a result of this program is equally ludicrous.

In March, the State Department released its own annual report on human rights in China. This report did some soft-pedaling, too, but is packed with facts painting a grim picture of the Holocaust for Little Girls the Chinese Communists have created.

"Female infanticide, sex selective abortions, the abandonment of little girls, and the neglect of baby girls remain problems due to the traditional preference for sons, and the family planning policy, which limits urban couples to one child and rural couples to two," reported State.

"Estimates from previous years indicate a very high percentage of pregnancies terminated are of female fetuses," said State. "Female babies also suffer from a higher mortality rate than male babies, contrary to the worldwide trend."

This war on women has turned nature upside down. The Chinese population, the largest in the world, is now perversely weighted toward men. "Government statistics put the national ratio of male to female births at 114 to 100," reports State, "the World Health Organization estimates the ratio to be 117 to 100." The global norm is 106 male births to 100 female.

"According to demographers in the country," says State, "currently there may be as many as 100 million more men than women."

How many dead girls does that equal? I’ve done an estimate with the help of some friends whose algebra skills are sharper than mine. China’s population, according to the CIA, is 1.273 billion. If State is right and there are 100 million more men than women in China, there are approximately 686.5 million men and 586.5 million women. But if post-birth mortality rates are assumed to be the same for both sexes and China had the normal global birth rate of 106 boys for 100 girls, there would have been 647.6 million women in China-about 61 million more than there are.

These 61 million missing women outnumber all the Americans who live in the states from Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico westward.

I know this is a very rough and unsophisticated estimate of the missing girls in China, but even if I’m off by 50% that would still mean the Chinese Communists have murdered more than 30 million girls.

Shouldn’t this have been one of the first questions the Congressional-Executive Commission on China investigated: How many millions of little girls have Chinese Communists killed? And how can we stop them from killing millions more?

The administration expressed no reservations about the report. But five congressional members of the commission refused to sign it. Three of them-Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.), Rep. Frank Wolf (Va.) and outgoing Sen. Bob Smith (N.H.)-are pro-life Republicans. Two-liberal Ohio Representatives Marcy Kaptur and Sherrod Brown-are protectionist Democrats. The panel was co-chaired by Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, and Rep. Doug Bereuter, a liberal Republican from Nebraska.

When Republicans resume control of both houses of Congress in November, GOP leaders should fire Baucus and Bereuter as chairs of this panel and put Brownback and Wolf in their place. The Chinese won’t like it. But it just might save some lives.