• The epic meltdown of thegun-grabbers

    The epic meltdown of the

    The ululations of gun-grabbing Democrats here in Colorado are reverberating far and wide.

  • The Costas Anti-Gun Lecture Series

    The Costas Anti-Gun Lecture Series

    Some liberals are just insufferable bores. Can’t they please let us watch football, and not their self-implosion?

  • NRA backs Mitt

    NRA backs Mitt

    “Virginia is ground zero — the front line of this election. This is where the race could be won or lost,” said Wayne LaPierre.

  • Limiting liberty

    Our all important vote can reject public officials who act like herding elephants in their unending, meaningless calls for gun control laws the second after a tragic incident occurs involving a firearm.  They do not state facts or good reason.  | Read More »

  • Banning "high-capacity" magazines

    Banning “high-capacity” magazines

    Gun grabbers wasted no time exploiting Friday’s shooting in Aurora, Colo., by calling for more restrictive firearm laws. Their liberal agenda is off target because, with U.S. gun ownership at its highest level ever, the public sees crime is way | Read More »