• Eat These Foods for Better Sleep

    If you use insomnia medication, I hope you know about last week’s announcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Manufacturers of prescription sleep aids that contain a sedative called zolpidem are required to reduce the currently recommended doses. (Zolpidem | Read More »

  • Test Your Testosterone Knowledge

    Maybe you’ve seen the television ads explaining that “low T,” or low testosterone levels, can be a health risk. Although the ads are by a pharmaceutical giant selling a prescription product, low testosterone is not a fake health concern created | Read More »

  • How to Fight the Winter Blues

    Diagnosing illness is a tricky business. Most doctors do their best to help patients, but certain conditions are very similar to others, and teasing them apart can be difficult. For many physicians, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an ailment that | Read More »

  • How to Win the Blood Sugar Battle

    The holiday season may be weeks away, but now is a good time to plan a way around the typical overindulgence, bad choices, and weight gain. The holidays are a great excuse for going overboard, especially when it comes to | Read More »

  • Hopelessly broken

    Hopelessly broken

    With more than one million veterans about to enter the VA quagmire, Human Events discovers they won’t receive the care and benefits they deserve. Reinventing the agency is long overdue.

  • Is Lyme Disease Behind Your Fatigue?

    In my practice, it’s not unusual to meet with patients who have already seen ten or more different physicians. They come to me because they’re exhausted and ache all over. Sometimes they have swollen joints, a fever, stiff neck, or | Read More »