• Slipping the constitutional leash

    Slipping the
    constitutional leash

    Ersatz “wars” — domestic wars on various real or imagined vices — also wound the defense of limited government.

  • The illegitimate federal commerce power

    The illegitimate federal commerce power

    Instead, the commerce power was viewed as a necessary but limited means to preserve free trade in America.

  • The Audacity to Lie

    The deliberate dishonesty in the Obama administration’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare is unlike anything we have seen in American history.

  • Commerce, taxation, and ObamaCare

    Some conservative analysts have been looking for a bright spot in Thursday’s tortured Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, in which the legislation was rewritten on the fly to become legal according to arguments nobody made.  While the notorious “individual mandate” | Read More »

  • Hello, November!

    Hello, November!

    Opinion: Galen Institute president Grace-Marie Turner says the first job for the American people is to demand that Congress repeal the health care law in its entirety.