• College Campus Lunacy

    College Campus Lunacy

    As the fall semester begins, parents, students, taxpayers and donors should be made aware of official college practices that should disgust us all.

  • Dry Rot in Academia

    Dry Rot in Academia

    Jason Riley has now joined the long and distinguished list of people invited — and then disinvited — to give a talk on a college campus, in this case Virginia Tech.

  • Campus Lunacy, Part II

    Campus Lunacy, Part II

    Students, often with the blessing of faculty, have discovered that names for campus buildings and holidays do not always fit politically correct standards for race, class and sex.

  • Campus Lunacy

    Campus Lunacy

    The American Council of Trustees and Alumni publishes occasional reports on what college students know. Nearly 10 percent of the college graduates surveyed thought Judith Sheindlin, TV’s “Judge Judy,” is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Seeing Bigots Under Every Rock

    Seeing Bigots Under Every Rock

    Remember when universities used to encourage freedom of academic inquiry and were seen as intellectual and social preparation for the transition into adulthood? I know; that was a long time ago — before the left infected these institutions.

  • A Resurgence of Intolerance

    A Resurgence of Intolerance

    Storm trooper tactics by bands of college students making ideological demands across the country, and immediate preemptive surrender by college administrators — such as at the University of Missouri recently — bring back memories of the 1960s, for those of us old enough to remember what it was like being there, and seeing first-hand how painful events unfolded.

  • Academic Fascism II

    Academic Fascism II

    Last week’s column highlighted college campus absurdities and the ongoing attack on free speech and plain common sense. As parents gear up to fork over $20,000 to $60,000 for college tuition, they might benefit from knowing what greets their youngsters. Deceitful college officials, who visit high schools to recruit students and talk to parents, conceal the worst of their campus practices. Let’s expose some of it.

  • Colleges and Universities Have Grown Bloated and Dysfunctional

    Colleges and Universities Have Grown Bloated and Dysfunctional

    American colleges and universities, long thought to be the glory of the nation, are in more than a little trouble.

  • Don't Go!

    Don’t Go!

    It’s graduation time! Have we learned much? No. College has become a scam.