• Campus Lunacy, Part II

    Campus Lunacy, Part II

    Students, often with the blessing of faculty, have discovered that names for campus buildings and holidays do not always fit politically correct standards for race, class and sex.

  • Free Speech

    Free Speech

    Recent events at the University of Missouri, Yale University and some other colleges demonstrate an ongoing ignorance and/or contempt for the principles of free speech. So let’s examine some of those principles by asking: What is the true test of one’s commitment to free speech?

  • The Ululations of Radical College Crybabies

    The Ululations of Radical College Crybabies

    Deray McKesson, the professional agitator whose racial rabble-rousing began at tax-subsidized Teach for America, proudly unveiled his new enterprise on the Internet Thursday: A website chronicling “THE DEMANDS” of his radical brothers and sisters on college campuses across Northern America.

  • Liberals' Response to Dissent: 'Shut Up'

    Liberals’ Response to Dissent: ‘Shut Up’

    “‘Shut up,’ he explained.” That’s a sentence from Ring Lardner’s short story “The Young Immigrunts.” It’s an exasperated father’s response from the driver’s seat to his child’s question, “Are you lost, Daddy?” They also can be taken as the emblematic response of today’s liberals to anyone questioning their certitudes.

  • Suppressing Free Speech

    Suppressing Free Speech

    I receive loads of mail in response to my weekly nationally syndicated column. Some recent mail has been quite disturbing.

  • Commencements, Causes and Campus Free Speech: The Surprising Case of Dickinson College

    Commencements, Causes and Campus Free Speech: The Surprising Case of Dickinson College

    When my daughter told me that Mark Ruffalo—an actor and leftist activist—would be receiving a prestigious prize at her 2015 commencement at Dickinson College, I was dismayed but not surprised.

  • Rose enters 'The Cloakroom'

    Rose enters ‘The Cloakroom’

    The LiveAction founder remains committed to her cause, “whether to defund Planned Parenthood or to change hearts and minds on college campuses.”