• Hammond: 10 winning points on the shutdown, three lessons learned

    Hammond: 10 winning points on the shutdown, three lessons learned

    Where do conservatives really stand after the government shutdown and debt ceiling battle? The answers will surprise you.

  • Romney at CPAC: "Today, history and duty summon us again"

    Romney at CPAC: “Today, history and duty summon us again”

    “I am sorry that I will not be your president – but I will be your co-worker and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you.”

  • Duke Energy soaks shareholders to pay for Democratic National Convention

    Duke Energy soaks shareholders to pay for Democratic National Convention

    Wait till they find out how much re-electing Barack Obama as President of the United States is going to cost them.

  • Bobby Jindal vs. the Stupid Party

    In a major address to the Republican National Committee, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal delivered what many assume to be his kickoff for the 2016 presidential nomination, focusing on messaging more than policy issues.  “We’ve got to stop being the ‘Stupid | Read More »

  • Obama’s pastor rails against his “enemies” at politicized church service

    Courtesy of Ben Shapiro at Breitbart News, Obama’s pastor (no, that that one, the new one) delivers an uplifting non-political message of unity and brotherhood at the President’s pre-inauguration service: Obama, said Braxton, was just like Moses facing the Red Sea: “forward | Read More »

  • Voters accept the “New Normal”

    On Sunday, CNN released a poll in which 51 percent of the respondents “say things are going pretty badly or very badly.”  The numbers are better than they were during the election, so President Obama enjoys a bit of inaugural | Read More »

  • The vindication of Mitt Romney

    The vindication of Mitt Romney

    Guess what? Mitt was right about an awful lot of things.

  • Hagel opposed abortion for rape pregnancies, because they are “rare”

    Buzzfeed brings us one of the more astounding narrative implosions in recent memory, as we discover that Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, former Republican senator Chuck Hagel, used to march on the wrong side of the dopey “War | Read More »

  • This incompetent era

    During the 2012 presidential campaign, it became obvious that Mitt Romney had a penchant for delivering “inelegant” phrases, as he would come to call them.  (Barack Obama has a gift for them too, but only conservative bloggers ever make a | Read More »

  • A look inside the Obama spam factory

    Bloomberg Businessweek has an interesting look inside the Obama spam factory, where a tidal wave of email solicitations for campaign donations was unleashed against anyone whose email address fell into their clutches: One fascination in a presidential race mostly bereft | Read More »

  • Mitt and Barack do lunch

    President Obama is scheduled to sit down with his 2012 campaign rival, Mitt Romney, at the White House for lunch on Thursday.  The conversation between them will be private. Obama presaged this event as far back as Election Day, as | Read More »

  • Mitt Romney’s parting “gifts”

    Much controversy has swirled around a Wednesday conference call in which Mitt Romney discussed the reasons for his loss to Barack Obama with donors, and cited Obama’s taxpayer-funded “gifts” to various constituencies as one of the big reasons.  This has | Read More »

  • Hindsight 2012

    We’ve had a few weeks to digest the election results, contemplate the exit polls, and draw some conclusions about what happened in the 2012 elections.  They say hindsight is 20/20… but that means failing to use it would be an | Read More »

  • Was Campaign 2012 won on the Web?

    Politico’s Playbook blog, stewarded by Mike Allen, offers some interesting tidbits about the “shadow campaign” conducted on the Web during 2012: [Obama Super PAC] Priorities USA had a laser focus during the presidential election: to define Mitt Romney as an | Read More »

  • In search of the undervote

    Sean Trende at RealClearPolitics combed through the data from Election Day, and made some discoveries that run counter to the emerging conventional wisdom about Barack Obama’s re-election victory, which might be more properly described as Mitt Romney’s loss.  As he | Read More »

  • Project ORCA dies on the beach

    The Romney campaign’s electronic get-out-the-vote effort for 2012 was called “Project ORCA.”  It was supposed to be a super high-tech way of getting Republican voters off their tushes and out to the polls.  It was, as participant John Ekdahl writes | Read More »

  • The importance of alternatives

    Since everyone is still wisely seeking lessons from the 2012 election, I have a simple one to offer: criticism must be married to alternatives.  I don’t just mean in the grand “you must have a detailed plan” sense.  I mean every | Read More »

  • The Campaign 2012 passion gap

    As both amateur and professional observers grapple with the forces behind the 2012 election result, one factor to consider is the passion gap.  Everyone wonders what motivates undecided and “swing” voters, particularly when they’re not deeply invested in the issues, | Read More »

  • The Sandy Factor

    There is much discussion over whether Hurricane Sandy proved a decisive political asset for President Obama.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC certainly thinks so: “Good work for them, good work for him, a good day for America.  I’m so glad we | Read More »

  • Conventional wisdom passes its sell-by date

    The “center-right nation” myth was the biggest piece of conventional wisdom to pass its sell-by date on Tuesday night.  Here are a few others: Voters recoil from negative campaigning.  No, they don’t.  Barack Obama ran the most divisive and negative | Read More »