• The language of life

    The language of life

    In two weeks, America will mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision creating a constitutional right to abortion and legalizing most abortions.

  • The Thanksgiving Wars

    You’ve heard of the Christmas wars, but what about the Thanksgiving wars? No, I’m not referring to ideological battles over the true meaning of Thanksgiving …

  • The left’s contempt

    Rude. Smug. Disrespectful. Condescending. These are a few of the adjectives commentators used to describe Joe Biden’s demeanor in last week’s vice presidential debate.

  • The post-Christian party

    The original exclusion of “God” and “Jerusalem” from the Democratic Party platform was not an “oversight,” but intentional.

  • Botching the abortion debate

    The proper Republican response to the Akin incident is to regret the congressman’s ineptness while vigorously confronting the social radicalism of today’s Democratic Party.