• The Run Amoks at the CFPB

    The Run Amoks at the CFPB

    No one likes to pay interest – but most of us need to borrow money at some point in our lives. Interest is the price of borrowing money – no different, when you think about it, than paying rent to borrow a car for a period of time.

  • Will Anyone Ever Defend Banks?

    Will Anyone Ever Defend Banks?

    One of the interesting nuggets coming out of the conservative sweep in the British elections was the failure of bank-bashing by the Labour Party. Labour leader Miliband, who has since resigned, was anti-bank, anti-rich and anti-business. It failed.

  • The Other Shoe Drops on Retail Banking

    Since the meltdown of 2008, many banks, officials and products have come under the scrutiny of domestic and international regulators.

  • European Banks to Return $4.8 Billion Early

    Banks across Europe that had to borrow money from the European Central Bank (ECB) to stay afloat during the last few years will be paying back $4.8 billion of those loans next week — earlier than expected.

  • Barone: Dodd-Frank’s problems — and potential solutions

    Over the next year, we will probably see much controversy over the implementation of Obamacare. We’re likely, however, to see or hear less about the operations of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation legislation.

  • Your guide to sleazy Democratic Party-backed banks

    Your guide to sleazy Democratic Party-backed banks

    It’s time for the Romney campaign to educate voters about all the shady financial institutions embraced by Democrats right here on American soil.