• Will the National Conventions Change the Delegate Selection Rules -- Again?

    Will the National Conventions Change the Delegate Selection Rules — Again?

    When the Republican and Democratic national conventions gather in successive weeks in Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively, one item on their plates will be reconsideration of their parties’ nominating rules. Just about everyone agrees that they are unsatisfactory in some way | Read More »

  • Obama's Divisive Double Standards

    Obama’s Divisive Double Standards

    President Obama’s knee-jerk reaction to the Dallas shootings brings into clear relief his biases and double standards on racially or religiously motivated violence. Have we ever had a president as blinded by his ideology and as oblivious or dismissive about | Read More »

  • After All That's Happened, Trump Fares No Worse With Hispanic Voters Than Romney Or McCain

    After All That’s Happened, Trump Fares No Worse With Hispanic Voters Than Romney Or McCain

    How many bad moments has Donald Trump had with Hispanic voters? From Mexican rapists to build-a-wall to Judge Gonzalo Curiel, many Republican insiders view Trump as a one-man wrecking crew, a disaster of unprecedented proportions, when it comes to the | Read More »

  • Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?

    Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?

    Does Hillary Clinton possess the integrity and honesty to be president of the United States? Or are those quaint and irrelevant considerations in electing a head of state in 21st-century America? These are the questions put on the table by | Read More »

  • Slow Economic Growth--New Normal for America?

    Slow Economic Growth–New Normal for America?

    America’s economy has now slouched into the eighth year of a recovery that demonstrates how much we have defined recovery down. The idea that essentially zero interest rates are, after seven and a half years, stimulating the economy “strains credulity,” | Read More »

  • Hillary Clinton's Non-Indictment May Not Help Her

    Hillary Clinton’s Non-Indictment May Not Help Her

    Unindicted co-conspirator: Technically, the term, made familiar in the Watergate scandals, does not apply to Hillary Clinton, since no one has been or apparently will be indicted in the emails case. But if you read the bulk of FBI Director | Read More »

  • The History Comey Didn't Want to Make

    The History Comey Didn’t Want to Make

    Why did he do it? FBI director James Comey spent 14 minutes laying out an unassailable case for prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified material. Then at literally the last minute, he recommended against prosecution. This is baffling. | Read More »

  • Hillary: Guilty as Not Charged

    Hillary: Guilty as Not Charged

    It’s no mere academic question: Do we believe in the rule of law anymore? Are we a nation of laws or of men? The cherished idea of the rule of law in our system is about everyone’s being subject to | Read More »

  • Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders

    Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders

    In last week’s indictment of free trade as virtual economic treason, The Donald has really set the cat down among the pigeons. For, in denouncing NAFTA, the WTO, MFN for China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, all backed by Bush I | Read More »

  • Lasting Imprint of Family

    Lasting Imprint of Family

    The report was so “seismic” — Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s word — that Lyndon Johnson’s administration released it on the Fourth of July weekend, 1966, hoping it would not be noticed. But the Coleman report did disturb various dogmatic slumbers and | Read More »

  • My VP Prediction: Trump's First Mistake

    My VP Prediction: Trump’s First Mistake

    My vice presidential prediction is: Trump is about to make his first mistake.

  • Libertarianism for Beginners

    Libertarianism for Beginners

    It took me years to figure out that markets work better than government. I started out as a typical Ralph Nader-influenced consumer reporter, convinced that companies constantly rip us off. To me and most of my fellow left-leaning reporters, the | Read More »

  • Iovi Et Bovi: The Teflon Hillary Standard

    Iovi Et Bovi: The Teflon Hillary Standard

    There is a classic Latin epigram about double standards that resounds in the aftermath of the FBI’s surrender this week to the corruptocracy: “Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi.” Translation: “What is permissible for Jove is not permissible for an | Read More »

  • Will the West Survive the Century?

    Will the West Survive the Century?

    “Nativism … xenophobia or worse” is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa. Obama believes that resistance to transformational change in the character and identity of countries of the West, | Read More »

  • Joining The Crowd, A Trump Adviser Becomes A Former Adviser

    Joining The Crowd, A Trump Adviser Becomes A Former Adviser

    In the last few months, the veteran Republican operative Barry Bennett did lots of interviews in his role as a senior adviser to the Trump campaign. But Bennett, who earlier served as Ben Carson’s campaign manager, stressed that his role | Read More »

  • 'Corruption' Cascade

    ‘Corruption’ Cascade

    The progressive drive to broadly define and thoroughly eradicate political “corruption” has corrupted politics. But discord is not altogether pandemic in Washington, and last week a unanimous Supreme Court, in this term’s most important decision, limited the discretion prosecutors have | Read More »

  • Thinking Beyond Stage One

    Thinking Beyond Stage One

    A recent ruling by the U.S. Department of Commerce dramatically increased tariffs on some Chinese steel products, such as cold-rolled steel, which is used to make appliances, cars and electric motors. Tariffs were raised by 500 percent on some other | Read More »

  • No, Hillary, It's Not Time To Move On

    No, Hillary, It’s Not Time To Move On

    Am I fantasizing even to hope that Hillary Clinton will finally be held accountable for her lies and corruption — to say nothing of her actions in her role as bimbo-slayer for her libidinous husband? Perhaps so, but to borrow | Read More »

  • What Are We Celebrating?

    What Are We Celebrating?

    There was a time when the Fourth of July meant something more than a three-day weekend. Speeches, writings and commemorative ceremonies reminded us of the origins and greatness of America. No matter where in the world our ancestors came from, | Read More »

  • Brexit: Sovereign Kingdom or Little England?

    Brexit: Sovereign Kingdom or Little England?

    WASHINGTON — Given their arrogance, pomposity and habitual absurdities, it is hard not to feel a certain satisfaction with the comeuppance that Brexit has delivered to the unaccountable European Union bureaucrats in Brussels. Nonetheless, we would do well to refrain | Read More »