• Progressives' Anti-Free Speech Itch

    Progressives’ Anti-Free Speech Itch

    Bernie Sanders, greedy for power to punish people he considers greedy, has occasioned 2016’s best joke (reported in Bloomberg Businessweek): “In the Bernie Sanders drinking game, every time he mentions a free government program, you drink someone else’s beer.” But neither Sanders’s nor Hillary Clinton’s hostility to the First Amendment is amusing.

  • Robot Cars

    Robot Cars

    The Tesla S is the closest thing to a totally driverless car available now. I had to leave my state to test-drive it. New York’s archaic laws forbid taking both hands off the wheel.

  • Border Surge Solution: Send 'Em to Camp David!

    Border Surge Solution: Send ‘Em to Camp David!

    Colorado dodged a bullet. After a stinging backlash from local leaders and Rocky Mountain politicians in both parties, the Obama White House retreated this weekend from plans to dump in our state 1,000 minors who immigrated here illegally.

  • Republicans Launch Sharp Attacks in South Carolina Debate

    Republicans Launch Sharp Attacks in South Carolina Debate

    The CBS presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina, started off with a moment of silence in memory of Justice Antonin Scalia, whose death was announced earlier in the day. And the debate that followed was a sort of tribute to the late jurist.

  • Leave the Scalia Chair Vacant

    Leave the Scalia Chair Vacant

    It is a measure of the stature and the significance of Justice Antonin Scalia that, upon the news of his death at a hunting lodge in Texas, Washington was instantly caught up in an unseemly quarrel over who would succeed him.

  • Tragedy and Choices

    Tragedy and Choices

    Amid the petty bickering, loud rhetoric and sordid attack ads in this year’s primary election campaigns, the death of a giant — Justice Antonin Scalia — suddenly overshadows all of that.

  • Evangelicals Are Not the Boogeyman

    Evangelicals Are Not the Boogeyman

    I realize that as an evangelical Christian I have a dog in this fight, but I want to say a few words about evangelicals and the unfortunate effort afoot to make them the political boogeyman.

  • Message Matters: Trump Succeeded, Yellen Failed

    Message Matters: Trump Succeeded, Yellen Failed

    Most political reporters are fixated on the presidential horserace rather than the message candidates are sending to voters. Message wins all the time. Message moves polls. Message raises money. Message determines elections.

  • TSA: Total Security Abyss

    TSA: Total Security Abyss

    While a TSA agent pawed my hair bun this weekend, presumably on high alert for improvised explosive bobby pins, I pondered the latest news on the Somalia airplane terror attack.

  • How Republics Perish

    How Republics Perish

    If you believed America’s longest war, in Afghanistan, was coming to an end, be advised: It is not.

  • David Brooks and Obama's Ongoing Pant Crease

    David Brooks and Obama’s Ongoing Pant Crease

    If you read The New York Times “conservative” columnist David Brooks, you might better grasp the chasm between true and phony conservatives, between Reagan conservatives and establishment Republicans.

  • New Hampshire's Rebuke

    New Hampshire’s Rebuke

    New Hampshire voters issued a rebuke to conventional party leaders when they voted by large margins for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s primaries.

  • Flint’s Water Poisoned by Federal, State and Local Government Failures

    Flint’s Water Poisoned by Federal, State and Local Government Failures

    The town of Flint, Michigan is facing an emergency health crisis after repeated warnings about the contaminated state of its water supply were ignored.

  • New Jersey Man Slays Child

    New Jersey Man Slays Child

    There were a lot of long faces at Fox News Tuesday night, but there’s a silver lining for Marco Rubio. Now he can go be a bartender like his dad! (Have you heard him tell the story about his father being a bartender? Rubio was his pop’s best customer after the debate.)

  • Sloppy Language and Thinking

    Sloppy Language and Thinking

    George Orwell said, “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” Gore Vidal elaborated on that insight, saying, “As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too.

  • High-Tech Ted

    High-Tech Ted

    Politicians tailor their messages to different audiences. Facing New Hampshire’s primary, Ted Cruz talked more about “free-market principles” and a “commitment to the Constitution” and said “no one personality can right the wrongs done by Washington.” Politico ran the headline “Ted Cruz, born-again libertarian.”

  • How History Shapes the New Hampshire Primary

    How History Shapes the New Hampshire Primary

    Benning Wentworth is not a name you’ll run across in New Hampshire primary coverage. But he arguably did as much as anyone else to establish the political culture — or cultures — of America’s first-in-the-nation primary state.

  • Fear Not, My Secular Friends

    Fear Not, My Secular Friends

    It amuses me that certain people are convinced that Christians are angry scolds but totally miss the humorlessness and angst of certain Christophobic secularists.

  • Toxic Words

    Toxic Words

    During this election year, we are destined to hear many words that are toxic in the way they misrepresent reality and substitute fantasies that can win votes.

  • The "Establishment" Nonsense

    The “Establishment” Nonsense

    The reigning idiocy of the current political season is the incessant tossing around of “establishment,” an epithet now descending into meaninglessness.