• If God Is Dead...

    If God Is Dead…

    In a recent column Dennis Prager made an acute observation.

  • Conservatives for Trump?

    Conservatives for Trump?

    The sudden appearance of Donald Trump on the political horizon last year may have been surprising, but not nearly as surprising as seeing some conservatives supporting him.

  • Ethnicity Still Matters in the Politics of 2016

    Ethnicity Still Matters in the Politics of 2016

    Ethnicity still matters. That’s one lesson I draw from the results so far of this year’s Republican and Democratic primaries and caucuses.

  • Reversing Trump's False Narratives

    Reversing Trump’s False Narratives

    Donald Trump is trying to establish the narrative that he’s already won the Republican presidential nomination.

  • A Superior Vision

    A Superior Vision

    Last month, I celebrated the beginning of my 81st year of life. For nearly half that time, I have been writing a nationally syndicated column on many topics generating reader responses that go from supportive to quite ugly.

  • Beyonce's Beehive of Bombastic Buffoons

    Beyonce’s Beehive of Bombastic Buffoons

    Question: Why aren’t liberal celebrities ever held accountable for stoking their unhinged fans’ violent threats and stupidity — the same way Republican candidates are called on to disavow every last remote and random act of bad behavior of their supporters?

  • Donald Trump's Insincere Process Arguments

    Donald Trump’s Insincere Process Arguments

    “Gestapo tactics.” That’s how Donald Trump’s recently installed campaign manager, Paul Manafort, characterized the Ted Cruz campaign’s successful effort to win all 34 of Colorado’s pledged national convention delegates at the long-scheduled Republican congressional district and state conventions.

  • Wrongly Crying Foul for Political Gain

    Wrongly Crying Foul for Political Gain

    It’s one thing to be upset with the so-called Republican establishment for failing to stand up to Barack Obama and his destructive policies, but it’s another for a GOP presidential candidate to exploit that anger illegitimately against a fellow anti-establishment candidate.

  • Campaign Lies

    Campaign Lies

    If you took all the lies out of political rhetoric, how much would be left? Apparently even less than usual this year.

  • Another Libertarian Moment?

    Another Libertarian Moment?

    The Libertarian Party might get more votes this year.

  • Trump's Strengths Are His Achilles' Heel

    Trump’s Strengths Are His Achilles’ Heel

    Six months ago, I warned that Donald Trump’s strengths could also be the weaknesses that would destroy his campaign. I think we’re beginning to see that play out now.

  • What Trump Has Wrought

    What Trump Has Wrought

    As Wisconsinites head for the polls, our Beltway elites are almost giddy. For they foresee a Badger State bashing for Donald Trump, breaking his momentum toward the Republican nomination.

  • Freedom to Disagree

    Freedom to Disagree

    “Should a Jewish baker be forced to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding?”

  • The Four Foreign Policies

    The Four Foreign Policies

    After dozens of contests featuring cliffhangers, buzzer-beaters and a ton of flagrant fouls, we’re down to the Final Four: Sanders, Clinton, Cruz and Trump.

  • Obama's Ideological Holiday in Havana

    Obama’s Ideological Holiday in Havana

    The split screen told the story: on one side, images of the terror bombing in Brussels; on the other, Barack Obama doing the wave with Raúl Castro at a baseball game in Havana.

  • There's an air of Menace About this Campaign

    There’s an air of Menace About this Campaign

    By international and historical standards, political violence is exceedingly rare in the United States. The last serious outburst was 1968 with its bloody Democratic-convention riots. By that standard, 2016 is, as yet, tame. It may not remain so.

  • The Libya Debacle Undermines Clinton’s Foreign Policy Credentials

    The Libya Debacle Undermines Clinton’s Foreign Policy Credentials

    Republican peculiarities in this political season are so numerous and lurid that insufficient attention is being paid to this: The probable Democratic nominee’s principal credential, her service as secretary of state, is undermined by a debacle of remarkable dishonesty.

  • Black and White, Left and Right

    Black and White, Left and Right

    Much is made of the fact that liberals and conservatives see racial issues differently, which they do. But these differences have too often been seen as simply those on the right being racist and those on the left not.

  • No, I Don't Believe Donald Trump Is a Conservative

    No, I Don’t Believe Donald Trump Is a Conservative

    This short essay is in response to a friend who asked me to explain how Donald Trump is unacceptable to “movement conservatives.”

  • The Rule-or-Ruin Republicans

    The Rule-or-Ruin Republicans

    Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, his campaign has done us a service — exposing the underbelly of a decaying establishment whose repudiation by America’s silent majority is long overdue