• The ‘New Normal’ Won’t Last

    We shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that somehow the recent market highs represent a “new normal” of sorts for the markets.

  • Los Angeles Vote to Help… and to Hurt Workers

    The Los Angeles City Council demonstrated its ignorance of Economics 101 when the panel voted this week 12-1 to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020 for millions of workers in the country’s second-largest city. United Farm | Read More »

  • Notes from Last Week’s Vegas MoneyShow

    As many of you may know, last week was the Las Vegas MoneyShow. I had a number of fascinating conversations during the conference, where I made several presentations, hosted a few panel discussions and capped it all off by appearing on | Read More »

  • Investing in the French ‘Socialist Paradise’

    As I write this, I am on the Eurostar train whizzing back from Lyon, France’s “second city,” to London. I’ve just spent a few days touring Bourgogne (Burgundy) — arguably the center of the most exclusive wine region in the | Read More »

  • Looking for Any Reason to Break Out

    By Bryan Perry Last Thursday, the S&P 500 established a new all-time closing high of 2,121 as a result of yet another soft piece of data, this time the Producer Price Index for April, which came in at -0.4% versus | Read More »

  • You Can Bank on This Financials Fund

    Companies in the financial sector include banks, real estate firms, investment fund providers, insurance companies and more.

  • MoneyShow Musings from the Front Lines

    The most dominant theme/takeaway for me this year is the apparent lack of investor exposure to international equities.

  • Buffett on Achieving the American Dream

    “We have an incredible economic system that unleashes the American spirit. We have a wonderful future ahead of us.” — Warren Buffett This is part 2 of my report on Warren Buffett’s 50th anniversary shareholder meeting, known as the “Woodstock of Capitalism.” | Read More »

  • Verizon-AOL Merger Fits My Always On, Always Connected PowerTrend

    This week is shaping up to be a busy one for investors. Amid the continued earnings reports and economic data that sit on our investing plate, we now have a potential musical chairs game of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity | Read More »

  • A Golden ‘Catch-Up’ Opportunity

    This week, I want to share with you the insights of a seasoned global investor and friend, Carl T. Delfeld of Blackthread. Carl has a unique “boots on the ground” perspective on the investment opportunities in Asia and has led | Read More »

  • Don’t Be Fighting the Four Feds

    By Bryan Perry Critics of the current global rally in equities make a big issue of how, if central bank stimulus were not present, major market indexes around the world would be in a protracted downtrend. They claim current valuations | Read More »

  • Learning to Appreciate Dividends

    The virtual guarantee of collecting a higher nominal return each year is intrinsically appealing, and companies that boost their dividends regularly can cultivate a clientele of investors who appreciate the income in return for deploying their capital with a proven performer.

  • Goldilocks in the Jobs Forest

    The biggest data point on tap this week came early Friday morning before the opening bell, and it was the “official” April employment report.

  • Flawed Leadership Let Baltimore Protests Erupt into Destruction

    The kind of leadership that could have guided Baltimore’s protestors away from criminal behavior and ruining hundreds of small businesses during rioting is not what manifested itself when the city’s mayor publicly announced she gave those who want to “destroy” room to do so.

  • Buffett Reveals ‘Trade Secret’ at 50th Anniversary Meeting

    “If investors weren’t so often wrong, we wouldn’t be rich.” – Charlie Munger As long-term subscribers know, I love to attend conferences and feel the pulse of investors. I think it makes me a better investment analyst. Over the years, I’ve | Read More »

  • How Some Euro-Zone Economies Are Gaining Momentum

    During the last few months, I’ve grown increasingly bullish on the euro zone, and subscribers to my PowerOptions Trader service are reaping the benefits big time. As far back as late 2014, it was becoming obvious the European Central Bank (ECB) had | Read More »

  • Why ‘Smarter’ is Always Better

    Some things just get better with age. Other predictions prove prescient, confirmed with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight. Both of these clichés apply to my views on the recent explosion in “smart-beta” exchange-traded funds (ETFs). First, over the past several | Read More »

  • Earnings Shakeout Defines Future Leadership

    By Bryan Perry One of the fascinating aspects of earnings season is that it reveals which sectors and stocks are tomorrow’s market leaders. I incorporate the use of “sectors” because of the overcrowded trade in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are | Read More »

  • Just Another Low-Risk Bond Fund

    This week’s ETF Talk addresses another bond-focused exchange-traded fund (ETF), iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG).

  • Behold the April Commodities Surge

    Both oil and gold stocks were up huge last month, and now we need to watch these trends to see if and/or when they might start really affecting other markets.