• Momentum Fund Speeds into First Place

    Just because the U.S. market isn’t offering easy money doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for individual investors to win with the right picks.

  • Everything with a Yield is in Trouble

    From Greece to China to the corner of Wall St. and Broad St., things were indeed wild.

  • Does Greece Have One of the Most Incompetent Governments Ever?

    Now that Greece officially has defaulted on its 1.6 billion euro ($1.1 billion) debt payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Greek voters voted “no” to the budget cuts the creditors had demanded in return for additional rescue loans, | Read More »

  • What Separates PowerTrend Investing from Wall St. Research

    During the last few weeks and certainly the last few days, we’ve seen uncertainty come roaring back into the stock market. Leading the uncertainty brigade was the now seemingly drawn-out Greek drama, which has the European Union (EU) and Greece | Read More »

  • Investing in the Jewel of Southeast Asia

    I can’t say what made me fall in love with Vietnam — that a woman’s voice can drug you; that everything is so intense. The colors, the taste, even the rain. Nothing like the filthy rain in London. –Graham Greene, | Read More »

  • Camped-out Stable Dividend Stocks within Volatile Markets

    By Bryan Perry It doesn’t take much to rattle the nerves of the most strident investors when what are seemingly unthinkable scenarios unfold within days of each other; the resultant effect can be a huge spike in market volatility that | Read More »

  • This Fund Gives You Diversity and Dividends

    Today’s featured fund, BDC Income ETF (BIZD), pools together a collection of BDCs and offers a high dividend yield.

  • A Q2 ETF Roundup

    So, how did things shake out during the first half of the year? How about during the second quarter?

  • Will You Panic When the Next Crisis Hits?

    The biggest threat to your portfolio is “fear” — fear of the next bear market that might force you to sell prematurely when a temporary crisis hits. The Greek debt crisis is a case in point. On Monday, the markets | Read More »

  • The ‘Snap-Back Quarter’ – How the U.S. Economy Fared in Q2 2015

    Last night, we closed the books on the June quarter, and, in many ways, it was one that at the outset was expected to be better than the March quarter. However, as we learned, that wasn’t in the cards. For | Read More »

  • Why I’m Chomping at the Bit to Buy this Market

    Well, it took long enough. After six months of markets locked in a narrow trading range, U.S. investors finally have awoken from their apathetic slumber. Global stock markets sold off sharply yesterday in response to the unfolding crisis in Greece. | Read More »

  • Looking Past Greece to America’s Heartland

    By Bryan Perry The bell is about to toll regarding the future direction of Greece’s role in the euro zone, be it a compliant role of fiscal responsibility or a radical role that will lead to an exit as a | Read More »

  • Diverse Dividends Offer Broad Appeal

    Conventional wisdom explains that it is vitally important for any investor to diversify his or her holdings. This is intended to minimize risk from movements or events that disproportionately hurt one type of investment. A fund that offers a way | Read More »

  • The ‘Big 3’ ETF Segment Divergence

    We are just days away from 2015’s halftime, and that’s a good excuse for us to take a look at how what I call the “Big 3” exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have performed this year.

  • What is the Best Tax Policy for Investors?

    “Trying to minimize taxes too much is one of the great causes of really dumb mistakes in investing.” –Charlie Munger Whenever I speak at the MoneyShows or other investment conferences, I frequently get asked about the tax implications of master | Read More »

  • The Four Horsemen of the Global Economy: U.S., China, Japan & Euro Zone

    There have been a lot of questions raised about the direction and speed of the global economy. The Greece drama aside, those same questions, as they relate to the domestic economy, have taken center stage, largely because the answers will | Read More »

  • Two Ways George Soros Could Profit from Greece

    Master speculator George Soros’ most famous trade was the one that “broke the Bank of England.” That was when the British pound exited the European Exchange Rate mechanism in September 1992. Soros reportedly made $1 billion that day after encouraging his | Read More »

  • Few Surprises from the Fed

    The much-anticipated June meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) came and went with few if any surprises.

  • Dividend Fund Provides Superb Income

    It seemed inevitable to me that an exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider sooner or later would pool together the best worldwide dividend-paying companies into a single fund.

  • Why Currency-Hedged ETFs are All the Rage

    the most recent data from May compiled by State Street Global Advisors, the company behind the Spiders, or SPDR ETFs, shows a distinct migration into international ETFs — more specifically, into currency-hedged ETFs.