• Ireland and Spain: From PIIGS to Market Leaders

    The stock markets of Europe’s problematic PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece) are among the top performers in the world, contrary to the doom-and-gloom prognostications of two years ago.

  • ‘The Myth of America’s Decline’

    Few ideas challenge conventional wisdom more than one that questions the pervasive notion that America has seen its best days.

  • My #1 Contrarian Indicator

    I have experimented with one of my favorite, informal contrarian indicators: magazine covers and headlines. Here is my finely honed investment strategy:

  • ‘Double Your Dividends’ in a Zero Interest Rate World

    A year ago, income investing was all the rage. With the Fed’s zero interest rate policy (“ZIRP”) punishing savers with its low interest rates, retirees depending on their accumulated savings had grown increasingly frustrated trying to eke out income from | Read More »

  • Who Is ‘Better Than Buffett’ and ‘Richer Than Soros’?

    Warren Buffett has a seemingly unassailable reputation as the world’s #1 investor. Yet, even as Buffett has outperformed the S&P 500 over the past decade, the “Oracle of Omaha” has stressed that Berkshire Hathaway’s sheer size limits his ability to | Read More »

  • More of My Favorite Quotes on Successful Trading

    As I’ve written before, I’m a big fan of quotes. A good quote — once you really “get” it — can summarize a lifetime of wisdom in a few words. That’s also why I include a new quote in each | Read More »

  • Five Stock Markets That Are Shooting the Lights out

    While most U.S. investors are transfixed by the U.S. government shutdown, there are a handful of stock markets across the world that have been shooting the lights out since Americans returned from their Labor Day picnics. At my firm Global | Read More »

  • Yes, You Can Invest Like Harvard

    For a period of more than 20 years stretching back into the mid-1980s, university endowments seemed blessed by fairy dust. The top three U.S. university endowments — Yale, Harvard and Stanford — consistently returned more than 15% per year over | Read More »

  • Is the United States the Global Economy’s Comeback Kid?

    The United States is obsessed by rankings. Walk by any magazine rack, and you’ll see that it is the issues with the rankings of colleges, hospitals, football or basketball teams that are the most thumbed through. Sadly, in the game | Read More »

  • Why Emerging Markets Will Soar in Q4

    Emerging Markets have had a lousy 2013. The threat of tapering by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the biggest emerging-market currency sell-off in five years and improving prospects for the developed markets of the United States and Europe have made emerging | Read More »

  • Which Global Markets Soared By Double-Digit Percentages Last Week?

    September has a reputation as the worst month of the year for stock markets. Throw in the uncertainty surrounding Syria, still anemic U.S. employment numbers and the threat of the Fed’s tapering of bond purchases on Sept. 18 hanging like | Read More »

  • ‘The Seven Secrets of Successful Speculation’

    “Speculation” has an image problem. Index fund pioneer John Bogle recently wrote a book on “The Clash of Cultures: Investing versus Speculation,” where he trashed the idea of trying to make money by doing anything else besides investing in an | Read More »

  • The World’s ‘Stealth’ Bull Markets

    If you’ve been investing only in U.S. stock markets this year, you probably haven’t noticed that 2013 has been a rough year for global stocks. For all of the current hand wringing about the impact of the Fed’s imminent tapering | Read More »

  • The Secret Sauce of Silicon Valley’s Success

    This year, I’ve traveled to and spent time in some of the most economically cutting-edge regions of the world. I spent New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, Turkey, which is the capital of one of the fastest-growing economies in the world | Read More »

  • Which of Europe’s PIIGS is the #1 Stock Market of 2013?

    Even as the U.S. stock market struggled to find its footing during the past two weeks after a strong July, a handful of other stock markets in the world have continued their blistering rise into August. Foremost among these star | Read More »

  • A Triple Play of ‘Buffett-Beating’ Investment Strategies

    Warren Buffett is a hard man to outperform on the investment front. Yet, that’s exactly the goal I set for myself.

  • The Red-Hot Sector Beating the S&P 500 by Three to One

    Biotechnology is a high-octane sector where fortunes are made and lost quickly. That’s because investing in biotech stocks is a lot like investing in small-cap mining stocks or Silicon Valley start-ups. You have to kiss a lot of investment frogs | Read More »

  • My Trip along the Berlin Wall

    “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” It was just over 26 years ago, on June 12, 1987, when President Ronald Reagan stood in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and delivered this now famous | Read More »

  • Invest in the GE and Thomas Edison of the 21st Century

    Over the past decade, Google Inc. (GOOG) has become much more than the world’s favorite Internet search engine. With its relentless ambition and capacity to deliver a flow of unexpected products, Google is rapidly emerging as the dominant consumer technology | Read More »

  • Is the USA Back on Top?

    Among the global investing set, the U.S. stock market is red hot. Among the 39 global stock markets I follow on a daily basis, the United States is now the No. 2 performer year to date — trailing only Japan. | Read More »