• Top International Dividend ETF is Worth Considering

    A dividend payment not only puts cash in investors’ hands, but it also is a sign of strength if a company can afford to distribute cash to its shareholders.

  • The Caution of Commodities

    One of the most startling charts I’ve seen in a long time is the DB Commodities Tracking Index Fund (DBC).

  • Mix-And-Match Sector Fund Boosts Performance

    We round out our review of the top three best-performing U.S. equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) of 2015’s first half with the bronze medalist.

  • A Weak Week in Equities

    Stocks faltered this week, a far cry from where stocks stood seven days ago, when the S&P 500 enjoyed a 2.4% surge.

  • Small-Cap Fund Shows Big Results

    This fund tracks a subset of the S&P SmallCap 600 index. It chooses its holdings based on sales growth, earnings increases and, like the most successful fund of the half, momentum.

  • Right Back to Y2K Highs

    If I didn’t know better, I would think that we were right back to Y2K in the NASDAQ.

  • Momentum Fund Speeds into First Place

    Just because the U.S. market isn’t offering easy money doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for individual investors to win with the right picks.

  • Everything with a Yield is in Trouble

    From Greece to China to the corner of Wall St. and Broad St., things were indeed wild.

  • This Fund Gives You Diversity and Dividends

    Today’s featured fund, BDC Income ETF (BIZD), pools together a collection of BDCs and offers a high dividend yield.

  • A Q2 ETF Roundup

    So, how did things shake out during the first half of the year? How about during the second quarter?

  • Diverse Dividends Offer Broad Appeal

    Conventional wisdom explains that it is vitally important for any investor to diversify his or her holdings. This is intended to minimize risk from movements or events that disproportionately hurt one type of investment. A fund that offers a way | Read More »

  • The ‘Big 3’ ETF Segment Divergence

    We are just days away from 2015’s halftime, and that’s a good excuse for us to take a look at how what I call the “Big 3” exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have performed this year.

  • Dividend Fund Provides Superb Income

    It seemed inevitable to me that an exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider sooner or later would pool together the best worldwide dividend-paying companies into a single fund.

  • Why Currency-Hedged ETFs are All the Rage

    the most recent data from May compiled by State Street Global Advisors, the company behind the Spiders, or SPDR ETFs, shows a distinct migration into international ETFs — more specifically, into currency-hedged ETFs.

  • Tap Dividend and Income Payouts with Multi-Asset Fund

    Some people might want high or rising dividend opportunities specifically, while others may choose investments that also are likely to appreciate in share price.

  • China’s Deferrals, S&P’s Sideways Drift and Yields Climb

    MSCI Inc., whose MSCI Emerging Markets Index is the most widely tracked benchmark of share-price performance outside the developed world, said it would add China A-shares to the index — just not quite yet.

  • A Sea of Dividends Awaits Thoughtful Investors

    With current equity valuations, there is some sentiment that the United States may not offer the best potential for stock market returns right now.

  • Vanguard Gets Cozy with China A-Shares

    Chinese stocks, particularly the stocks traded in Mainland China known as A-shares, have been on fire this year.

  • This Fund Pays Dividends

    Since ETFs typically do not pay high dividends, the funds that do so set themselves apart from the growing rabble of choices.

  • Don’t Fall for the China Bubble Chatter

    My recommendation to you, especially if you have money in Chinese stocks, is to not fall for what I consider to be the false narrative that there is a China equity bubble.