• Own the Fund Manager

    Rather than just investing in a great mutual fund, you can cash in on the actual fund manager. I previously have recommended closed-end investment companies on Eagle Daily Investor. Indeed, the AllianceBernstein Global High Yield Fund (AWF) is a specialist in generating a large and rising monthly dividend; it is focused on the bonds from transitioning markets around the globe.

  • Banking on Bigger Bonuses

    Would you like to get a big fat bonus check this quarter? Sure you would. And if you already received one, wouldn’t you want another?

  • Does the Market Really Need Consumer Spending?

    The U.S. economy and stock market don’t need consumers as much as you think they do. Consumers count for a lot in the U.S. economy — but not as much as you may think when it comes to changing the | Read More »

  • Defining Obsolescence

    You don’t want to be holding the bag when the market recognizes that a company’s core products are obsolete. Yet there are millions of investors that have done that — perhaps a few times over. Remember Polaroid? Its products were put out at the curb to be picked as trash.