• Looking Past Greece to America’s Heartland

    By Bryan Perry The bell is about to toll regarding the future direction of Greece’s role in the euro zone, be it a compliant role of fiscal responsibility or a radical role that will lead to an exit as a | Read More »

  • Few Surprises from the Fed

    The much-anticipated June meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) came and went with few if any surprises.

  • Financial Fallout Mounts from Baltimore’s Riot

    Financial Fallout Mounts from Baltimore’s Riot

    Insured property damage caused by the recent rioting in Baltimore has hit $23.9 million and is destined to rise, especially with business interruption claims still unknown, according to the latest figures from the Insurance Information Institute.

  • An Economically Sensitive Stock Shortlist for When the Fed Raises Interest Rates

    By Bryan Perry Yields on Treasury notes and bonds of all maturities have been ticking higher in the past week, as evidence of improving economic growth has investors reducing bond exposure in longer-dated fixed-income securities. Last week’s employment report was | Read More »

  • Investing for Income in a Rising Rate Market

    When the interest rate landscape begins to shift, as might be the case following the upbeat employment data released last Friday, investors that have income as a top priority to pursue with their investing acumen need to consider which sectors and asset | Read More »

  • The Fed Can Take the Summer off

    By Bryan Perry The Federal Reserve has made it succinctly clear that future action on fiscal policy is data dependent. Well, if that’s the case, then the U.S. central bank may as well head off to the Hamptons for the | Read More »

  • Income Generation from Market Volatility

    While the market may be turning a blind eye to potential downside risk, it isn’t doing so without wide daily and weekly swings in the indexes, most of which are contained before the market pushes higher.

  • Looking for Any Reason to Break Out

    By Bryan Perry Last Thursday, the S&P 500 established a new all-time closing high of 2,121 as a result of yet another soft piece of data, this time the Producer Price Index for April, which came in at -0.4% versus | Read More »

  • Don’t Be Fighting the Four Feds

    By Bryan Perry Critics of the current global rally in equities make a big issue of how, if central bank stimulus were not present, major market indexes around the world would be in a protracted downtrend. They claim current valuations | Read More »

  • Flawed Leadership Let Baltimore Protests Erupt into Destruction

    The kind of leadership that could have guided Baltimore’s protestors away from criminal behavior and ruining hundreds of small businesses during rioting is not what manifested itself when the city’s mayor publicly announced she gave those who want to “destroy” room to do so.

  • Earnings Shakeout Defines Future Leadership

    By Bryan Perry One of the fascinating aspects of earnings season is that it reveals which sectors and stocks are tomorrow’s market leaders. I incorporate the use of “sectors” because of the overcrowded trade in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are | Read More »

  • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

    Careful selection from top-down analysis is a proven method of finding income-paying instruments that have real legs, not just in up markets, but also displaying durability during market corrections.

  • Economic Slowdown Confirmed by Gross Output and B2B Data

    Economic Slowdown Confirmed by Gross Output and B2B Data

    The U.S. economy is slowing but thus far is avoiding a recession, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

  • Staying at Home amid the Temptation to Travel

    By Bryan Perry Leading up to Friday’s pronounced sell-off, a growing number of equity strategists have been recommending raising equity weightings in Europe, China and the other three BRIC nations: Russia, Brazil and India. While the urge to diversify outside | Read More »

  • Execution is King in Choppy Markets

    By Bryan Perry Today’s notable market participants and the media alike are fixated on a few central themes that have painted the investing landscape for most of 2015. Those factors include the 50% rally in the dollar against the euro, | Read More »

  • Low Interest Rates Versus Artificially Low Interest Rates

    By Bryan Perry This past week, bond king Bill Gross, who now oversees the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, shed some light on interest rates and how to position yourself in case interest rates start to rise. Interest rates in | Read More »

  • Dividends Are the Safe Zone in Volatile Markets

    By Bryan Perry, new Eagle Financial Publications Investment Expert Downbeat U.S. data has weighed on cyclical stocks during the past week. With the exception of the labor market data, most data has been consistently soft. U.S. economic data have been | Read More »

  • Is the Market Ready to Blossom?

    By Bryan Perry, new Eagle Financial Publications Investment Expert The latest Fed policy statement was like music to the ears of stock market participants. In sum, Fed Chair Janet Yellen told attendees at a packed post-Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) | Read More »

  • Fed Seeks Happy Medium

    The upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting scheduled for March 17-18 should be a lively discussion among the voting member Fed governors.

  • Making Sense of Conflicting Employment and Market Data

    By Bryan Perry, new Eagle Financial Publications Investment Expert Friday’s jobs data is showing a big pop of 295,000 new non-farm payroll hires — well above the Wall Street consensus of 240,000 such jobs. The results put bond investors in | Read More »