• A Global Q3 Slaughterhouse

    When it came to bombed-out sectors during Q3, there was plenty of structural damage to go around.

  • Seeing Ballast Income in the Midst of Market Storms

    By Bryan Perry When market volatility rules the investing landscape for weeks at a time, taking the time to screen for companies that are impervious to the triple-digit swings and the downward bias is an enormously useful exercise. While the | Read More »

  • A Downright Ugly Q3

    What can you say about a third quarter that witnessed the worst decline in the major domestic averages since 2011? You call that a downright ugly Q3. Just about everywhere you looked among domestic and global equities, it was easy | Read More »

  • Wall Street Teaches Economists a Lesson

    “Gross Output, long advocated by Mark Skousen, will have a profound and manifestly positive impact on economic policy and politics. He deserves the Nobel Prize for his work!” – Steve Forbes J. Paul Getty, America’s first oil baron, insisted that | Read More »

  • Small Cap Stocks Outperform Most Other Chinese Funds

    The Chinese market was very strong in the first half of 2015, so it is no surprise that the silver medalist for emerging-market exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in that time period was another Chinese fund: Harvest CSI 500 China A-shares Small | Read More »

  • Protect Yourself as the Economy Slows and We Brace for Earnings Season

    The market closed last Friday with two of the three major indices — the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index — in the red. For the week, all three were down, with the Nasdaq Composite Index falling the most | Read More »

  • The Sweet-Tasting Success of Irish Austerity

    Ireland-based food giant Kerry Group Plc (KRYAF) is well known for its ingredient and flavors business. This week, the company celebrates the opening of a €100 million global technology and innovation center near the town of Naas, just outside of | Read More »

  • Fed Provides a Fresh Appetite for Yield

    By Bryan Perry At the most recent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, the Fed announced that it would keep its target band for the Fed funds rate at 0.00-0.25%. In its policy statement, the Committee said that “recent global | Read More »

  • A Yellen Turnabout on Rates?

    Last Thursday, the Federal Reserve decided to leave interest rates unchanged, citing recent global economic and financial developments that “may restrain economic activity somewhat and are likely to put further downward pressure on inflation in the near term.” Fast-forward to | Read More »

  • Newt Gingrich on #1 Lesson for Investors

    I spent last week with Newt at our FreedomFest/Eagle “Money & Politics” cruise to New England and Canada.

  • China Fund Awaits a Market Bounce

    This week’s ETF Talk moves on to another new category of top-performing exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The funds of the next three ETF Talks fall under the emerging markets category and offer the three best-performing ETFs for the first half of | Read More »

  • Examining the Revenue Side of a Potential Investment

    This week, we’ll touch on the potential revenue side, as well as how all of this shakes out relative to Wall Street expectations.

  • Three (Relatively) Bullish Views on the U.S. Stock Market

    After experiencing its first technical correction of 10% since 2011, the U.S. stock market has bounced back from the lows it reached on Aug. 24. Since then, volatility has eased and the S&P 500 has recovered almost 7%. I already | Read More »

  • A No Vote by the Fed is a Thumbs Up for High Yield

    All the buildup. All the angst. Fed Chair Janet Yellen not talking publicly for the past 65 days. All the speculation. All the over-hyped rhetoric about how the financial world would stop spinning on its axis if a minuscule move | Read More »

  • Just Blame It on ‘Global Economic Developments’ 

    The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged Thursday. Though a slight majority of pundits were predicting that the Fed would do just that, I don’t think many had anticipated the reason why the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) kept rates | Read More »

  • Fiorina Trumps Other Presidential Debaters in Opposing Sale of Baby Parts

    Fiorina Trumps Other Presidential Debaters in Opposing Sale of Baby Parts

    Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina seized her chance to debate Republican presidential front runners Wednesday night, Sept. 16, by blasting continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood in the wake of evidence that the group helps finance its activities by selling body parts of aborted fetuses.

  • Buyback Fund Shows Gains

    The third-best-performing exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the international equity category during the first half of 2015 has a different focus than its counterparts. That fund is PowerShares International BuyBack Achievers Portfolio (IPKW), which invests in international companies that have cut | Read More »

  • The Biggest Economic Time Bomb

    “When it comes to roads, bridges, and airports, America is a Third World country.” — Jim Rogers, “Street Smarts” The August 29, 2015, issue of The Economist lambasted the West, and the United States in particular, for failing to address | Read More »

  • Using Starbucks as an Example of a Deep Dive into a Stock

    Last week’s PowerTrend Bulletin dealt with something that is near and dear to most every investor — the need to monitor their holdings. As I said, in this increasingly rapid age, the notion of crock-pot investing, or “buy and sleep” | Read More »

  • Trump Calling Carson an ‘Okay Doctor’ is Laughable

    Trump Calling Carson an ‘Okay Doctor’ is Laughable

    Real estate investor Donald Trump’s recent retort that world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and rival Republican presidential candidate, Benjamin Carson, M.D., was merely an “okay doctor” may be the most preposterous statement yet from the bombastic New Yorker.