• Is the System Rigged? You Betcha.

    “Remember, it’s a rigged system. It’s a rigged election,” said Donald Trump in New Hampshire on Saturday.

  • Despite Trump, Demotic Protest Politics Doesn’t Always Fail

    2016 has been a big year for protest politics — not just in the United States, what with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump getting over 40 percent of primary votes, but also all over Europe and Latin America, where voters have been rejecting the advice of their nations’ political, financial and media establishments.

  • Hillary’s Advantage: The Media; Trump’s Advantage: The Issues

    Say, does anyone remember when Trump was the lightweight with no “policy specifics”? I have an entire chapter in my book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, quoting media savants complaining about Trump’s lack of “policy specifics,” interspersed, by date, with his major policy speeches and papers.

  • Still Voting for Trump; Must Defeat Clinton

    Each passing day, this presidential election becomes more distasteful, but that doesn’t relieve me of my duty to do what I believe is right.

  • Donald Trump’s Invisible Shackles

    “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” Donald Trump tweeted at the reasonable hour of 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

  • Casting Call For Another Anita Hill

    Donald Trump is the only hope to save America, so the media have gone to war to stop him.

  • A Constitutional Right to Literacy

    Detroit school students, represented by the Los Angeles-based public interest firm Public Counsel, filed suit last month against the state of Michigan, claiming a legal right to literacy based on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

  • What Candidates Won’t Say

    Catch politicians in private moments and you might hear what they really believe: Donald Trump “can do anything” to women because he’s powerful.

  • Words Versus Deeds

    Donald Trump’s gutter talk about women shows yet again that he is bad news. The problem is that Hillary Clinton is far worse.

  • Obama Lied. My Third Health Plan Just Died.

    Once was a shock. Twice was an outrage. Thrice is a nightmare that won’t end.

  • Kaine Reveals Emptiness of Democratic Policies

    Because of his stellar debate performance, some think Mike Pence was positioning himself for a presidential run in 2020. But if likability still matters, it’s likelier that Tim Kaine was taking himself out of the 2020 running.

  • The Donald Lives!

    Donald Trump turned in perhaps the most effective performance in the history of presidential debates on Sunday night.

  • Will Trump Make a Race of It in the Debates?

    In the midst of the most debate-heavy week of the fall campaign season, with the vice presidential debate last Tuesday and the second presidential debate Sunday, let’s look at what remains uncertain about this year’s bizarre contest.

  • Media’s Outrage Should Start Working Any Day Now!

    Reviewing the state of the presidential race, I see that very little has changed for the past year. Every few weeks, the media roll out a new Trump “scandal” that has already been thoroughly covered, day in, day out, for the last 15 months.

  • Ominous Signs for Donald Trump in New Post-Debate Poll

    A new Fox News national poll suggests Donald Trump suffered real damage in his first debate with Hillary Clinton — not just losing the debate, but sliding in some key measures of voter confidence in his ability to serve as president.

  • Admiring Foreign Leaders

    Asked on a TV show to name a foreign leader he admires, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson choked. He couldn’t produce a name. He said he had “a brain freeze.”

  • The Academic Curtain

    Back in the days of the Cold War between the Communist bloc of nations and the Western democracies, the Communists maintained pervasive restrictions around Eastern Europe that were aptly called an “iron curtain,” isolating the people in its bloc from the ideas of the West and physically obstructing their escape.

  • Will Illegal Foreign Voters Steal the Election?

    “It could all come down to Colorado.”

  • Aborting the Trump Revolution

    In taking that $915 million loss in 1995, and carrying it forward to shelter future income, Donald Trump did nothing wrong. By both his family and his business, he did everything right.

  • Voters Reject John Lennon’s ‘World as One’

    “The president believes the world will be a better place if all borders are eliminated — from a trade perspective, from the viewpoint of economic development and in welcoming people from other cultures and countries.”