• While change sweeps country, Hawaii remains the same

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. HONOLULU — While voters across the country handed Republicans control of the U.S. Senate and expanded their numbers in the U.S. House of Representatives, virtually nothing changed  for Hawaii. Hawaii’s Democratic Party still has | Read More »

  • More evidence Obamacare caused premiums to skyrocket

    This article originally appeared on heartland.org. We have yet another study showing skyrocketing health insurance premiums due to Obamacare, this tiime courtesy of the site HealthPocket.com: Without Subsidies Women & Men, Old & Young Average Higher Monthly Premiums with Obamacare | Read More »

  • Humans aren’t to blame for change at ntl. parks

    This article originally appeared on heartland.org. The climate is changing, but Professor Daniel B. Botkin believes the best-available evidence does not show those changes are humankind’s fault. Botkin, professor emeritus in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at | Read More »

  • Steyer addresses conference, media not allowed in

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Tom Steyer, billionaire environmental and political activist, told members of the Green Alliance here Friday he plans to remain involved in politics for years to come. In what ways he intended to | Read More »

  • Abortion restrictions in North Dakota affirmed

    North Dakota Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Restrictions – a Welcome Win, Despite “Splintered” Opinions Thomas More Society’s “friend of the court” brief opposed abortion plaintiffs’ claim that the state’s constitution negated its chemical abortion restrictions (October 30, 2014 – Bismarck, | Read More »

  • 2014 won’t be warmest year

    This article originally appeared on heartland.org. Contrary to projections made by environmental journalist Seth Borenstein in a widely reprinted article, 2014 will not be the hottest year on record. Based on average surface temperature data for January–September 2014, Borenstein said | Read More »

  • Walmart cuts insurance for part-timers

    This article originally appeared on heartland.org. When Walmart announced Oct. 7 that it would stop providing health care benefits to employees who worked less than 30 hours, some commenters on the blog attacked the corporation for being “greedy monsters” and | Read More »

  • Ohio school district using public money to campaign?

    Brad Reynolds received a text message Oct. 24 from Maumee City Schools: “Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser tonight at Maumee High School. 5 – 6:30. $6 adults. $4 seniors/students. Students performing throughout” The text came from the SchoolMessenger alert system — the one | Read More »

  • Court allows harassment of pro-lifers

    (October 28, 2014 – Jackson, MS) Life Legal Defense Foundation’s request that pro-life advocates receive injunctive relief from harassment by the City of Jackson, Mississippi Police Department was denied by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi Jackson | Read More »

  • Mary Burke’s taxing resume problems

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. MADISON, Wis. — Mary Burke’s resume, much like the Democratic candidate for governor, has gone through a lot of changes — particularly during the course of her campaign. And some new tax records obtained by Wisconsin Reporter beg more | Read More »

  • Brits mock Texan’s whine of racism over voter ID

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. A columnist for the lefty Texas Observer got an op-ed into the U.K.’s favorite lefty rag, The Guardian, Tuesday decrying the state’s voter ID laws with all the rhetorical effect she could muster. The | Read More »

  • Court says no to red-light camera tickets

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. MIAMI — Big changes could be coming to cities with red-light cameras after a Florida District Court of Appeals judge said it’s illegal for camera operators to issue citations to drivers. “In Florida, only | Read More »

  • The Seven Deadly Virtues

    Eighteen conservative writers on why the virtuous life is funny as hell. Washington, DC—What’s to become of virtue now that Chastity has become Chaz?  Twenty years after the best-selling Book of Virtues took the nation by storm, a not-so-brave new world is | Read More »

  • Union calls Walmart owners robbers

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. Accusing Walmart’s owners of “robbing America,” a labor union fueled by workers’ mandatory dues led protests recently demanding full-time hours and $15 hourly wages for the mega-retailer’s employees. Walmart’s corporate headquarters, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., says the company has | Read More »

  • Supreme Court: Yes to voter ID in TX

    Take that, Eric Holder! The Washington Examiner reports: The Supreme Court said Saturday that Texas can use its voter identification law in November’s election. A federal judge struck down the law earlier in October, saying it created “an unconstitutional burden | Read More »

  • The Cubans are coming, again

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. MIAMI — Cuban exiles once again are making haste for the shore of the United States. Statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that 22,755 undocumented Cubans arrived in the United States by | Read More »

  • CATO grades America’s governors

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. INDIANOPOLIS – In a new report issuing grades of America’s governors in terms of the success of their fiscal policies, Illinois’ Gov. Pat Quinn receives an ‘F,’ but some dismiss the study as “political | Read More »

  • AL’s property tax administration a confusing mess

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. CULLMAN, Ala. — Alabama may have one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation, but one study argues the state’s administration of those taxes isn’t fair or efficient. The Council on State Taxation, a Washington, | Read More »

  • NAACP is villain in black pro-life court fight

    (October 13, 2014 – Richmond, VA) When the NAACP turned on African-American pro-life advocate, Ryan Bomberger and The Radiance Foundation, slamming them with a frivolous trademark lawsuit, many were surprised.  It seemed ironic that the nation’s most prominent black civil rights | Read More »

  • Pro-life win: 40 Days for Life vigil to go on

    From the Thomas More Society: Pro-Life Advocates’ First Amendment Rights Affirmed: 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil to Continue Thomas More Society and City of Wilmington Agree (October 10, 2014 – Wilmington, DE) The Thomas More Society secured assurances from the | Read More »