• Planned Parenthood’s charges against pro-lifer dropped

    From the Thomas More Society: Thomas More Society Defends Sidewalk Counselor Arrested for Offering Water in 100° Heat (July 18, 2014 – Chicago) Yesterday, Planned Parenthood’s criminal charges against Kathy Thebo Forck were dismissed in Boone County Circuit Court.  Forck, a | Read More »

  • Boosting min. wage doesn’t mean more jobs

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. Raising the minimum wages doesn’t necessarily equate to job growth, some economists say. Interestingly, though, Los Angeles activists partly relied on a conflicting theory in basing their plan to raise the minimum wage in that | Read More »

  • DNC 2016 in Birmingham? GOP says, ‘yes!’

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. CULLMAN, Ala. — The Alabama Republican Party welcomed a site selection team for the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Birmingham on Monday with faux open arms. Alabama’s largest city is one of five finalists for | Read More »

  • Robot army coming for your min. wage job

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. This billboard predicting that workers will be replaced by iPads was spotted over the weekend in San Francisco. The organization behind it is the Employment Policies Institute, a Washington, D.C., based nonprofit that has | Read More »

  • Wisc. inmates collect unemployment

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. MADISON, Wis. — Who says crime doesn’t pay? Hundreds of inmates in Wisconsin’s jails and prisons fraudulently collected unemployment insurance benefits in the last fiscal year, according to data obtained by Wisconsin Reporter through an | Read More »

  • North Carolina lifts fracking moratorium

    This article originally appeared on heartland.org. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed into law a bill ending the Tarheel State’s moratorium on energy production via hydraulic fracturing. Fracking to Begin in 2015 The governor’s action ends a 2012 moratorium | Read More »

  • Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gets ten years

    Ex-mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, famous for his failures during the Bush years with Hurricane Katrina, has finally got what he’s had coming. From the Washington Examiner: NEW ORLEANS — Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced Wednesday to | Read More »

  • Gov. Pence urges Congress to block EPA regs

    STATE OF INDIANA Michael R. Pence OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Governor State House, Second Floor Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 July 9, 2014 Dear Members of the Indiana Congressional Delegation, As Congress begins to consider the fiscal year 2015 appropriations bills that | Read More »

  • Border crisis comes to tiny Michigan town

    This article originally appeared on watchdog.org. The immigration crisis on the southern border, involving tens of thousands of minors from El Salvador, Honduras,and Guatemala, has become a concern for Michiganders who live in a rural community with fewer than 3,000 people. | Read More »

  • Will haggis soon be legal in America?

    Haggis, the famous Scottish dish that consists of the heart, liver and lungs of sheep minced with onion, oatmeal and seasoning, may soon be legal in the United States. Britain’s environment secretary, Owen Paterson, was due to meet today with | Read More »

  • Obama to nominate Bob McDonald as new VA secretary

    President Barack Obama will announce his top nominee choice, Bob McDonald, to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a White House official on Sunday. The nomination comes in the wake of Eric Shinseki’s resignation in May. Shinseki faced | Read More »

  • Hobby Lobby does not have to follow HHS mandate

    The Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling today in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby dictating that privately held corporations with religious beliefs do not have to provide contraceptives under the HHS mandate. This includes emergency contraceptives like morning after pills that may | Read More »

  • Boehner plans to sue Obama

    Speaker of the House John Boehner said on Wednesday that he plans to sue President Obama for his alleged abuse of executive power. According to Fox News: “This is not about impeachment — it’s about him faithfully executing the laws | Read More »

  • City shuts down little free library

    Nine-year-old Spencer Collins of Leawood, Kansas received a citation for creating a little free library on his front lawn as a gift for his mother. Collins, with the help of his father and grandfather, built a small bookcase for neighbors | Read More »

  • Gay ‘marriage’ now legal in Indiana

    U.S. District Judge Richard Young struck down Indiana’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional on Wednesday. Young ruled that the ban violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause in a decision that included lawsuits from several gay couples. The ruling included the | Read More »

  • Supreme Court: No cellphone searches without warrants

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that police must have search warrants to go through the phones of people they arrest. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the court saying that the large amount of data contained | Read More »

  • Win: Bacon sales on the rise

    Americans’ obsession with bacon doesn’t look like it will be dissipating anytime soon. Americans ate 1.1 billion servings of their favorite form of pork in the year ending April 2014, which is a six percent increase from the year before, | Read More »

  • Harry Reid: Obama’s Iraq critics are ‘flat wrong”

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slammed Republican lawmakers on Tuesday for criticizing Obama’s decision not to push for residual troops in Iraq after 2011. Reid told reporters: “Those who attack President Obama for bringing our troops home are flat wrong | Read More »

  • Obama to create world’s largest ocean preserve

    In another push to protect the environment, President Obama is trying to create the largest marine preserve in the world. He aims to protect a stretch of the Pacific Ocean from drilling, fishing, and other wildlife-threatening actions. Obama also wants | Read More »

  • Congressional job approval lowest in Gallup history

    As midterm election season approaches, races for incumbents may prove difficult since congressional job approval is only at 16 percent. This is the lowest number Gallup has seen since it started measuring the number in 1974. According to Gallup: In | Read More »