Dr. Williams is a nationally syndicated columnist, former chairman of the economics department at George Mason University, and author of More Liberty Means Less Government
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  • Unappreciated Tax on the Poor

    Unappreciated Tax on the Poor

    A few years ago, BET had a commentary titled “Where Are the Grocery Stores in Black Neighborhoods?”

  • Misleading and Using Blacks

    Misleading and Using Blacks

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ran headlong into the leftist meat grinder by questioning whether college admission of blacks with academic achievement levels significantly lower than the rest of the student body is beneficial to blacks.

  • Immorality and Contempt for Liberty

    Immorality and Contempt for Liberty

    American immorality and contempt for liberty lie at the root of most of the political economic problems our nation faces.

  • Our Timid Military Leaders

    Our Timid Military Leaders

    This month, President Barack Obama’s defense secretary, Ashton Carter, decreed that there will be 220,000 combat military jobs offered to women — including in Army special operations forces and the Navy SEALs.

  • Squandered Resources on College Education

    Squandered Resources on College Education

    Most college students do not belong in college. I am not by myself in this assessment. Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson said, “It’s time to drop the college-for-all crusade,” adding that “the college-for-all crusade has outlived its usefulness.”

  • Can We Learn From Europe?

    Can We Learn From Europe?

    Earlier this year, my column asked, “Will the West Defend Itself?” I pointed out that America’s leftists and progressives believe that the U.S. should become more like Europe.

  • Free Speech

    Free Speech

    Recent events at the University of Missouri, Yale University and some other colleges demonstrate an ongoing ignorance and/or contempt for the principles of free speech. So let’s examine some of those principles by asking: What is the true test of one’s commitment to free speech?

  • Education Disaster

    Education Disaster

    The 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress report, also known as The Nation’s Report Card, shows that U.S. educational achievement, to put it nicely, leaves much to be desired.

  • Attacking Our Founders

    Attacking Our Founders

    Many of my columns speak highly of the wisdom of our nation’s founders. Every once in a while, I receive an ugly letter sarcastically asking what do I think of their wisdom declaring blacks “three-fifths of a human.” It’s difficult | Read More »

  • Destroying Your Vote

    Destroying Your Vote

    Voter ID laws have been challenged because liberal Democrats deem them racist. I guess that’s because they see blacks as being incapable of acquiring some kind of government-issued identification.

  • Who's Responsible?

    Who’s Responsible?

    Hillary Clinton told a mixed audience, “I mean, if we’re honest, for a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear.”

  • Liberal and Progressive Vision

    Liberal and Progressive Vision

    Here’s my question to you: If an evil person is guaranteed that he can inflict physical pain upon others and guaranteed to never suffer pain himself, what happens to his willingness to inflict pain?

  • Wealth, Poverty and Politics

    Dr. Thomas Sowell, my colleague and friend, told me several years ago that he wasn’t going to write any more books, but that was two books ago, and now he has just published his 45th.

  • Suppressing Free Speech

    Suppressing Free Speech

    I receive loads of mail in response to my weekly nationally syndicated column. Some recent mail has been quite disturbing.

  • Unnecessary Loss of Life

    Unnecessary Loss of Life

    War is nasty, brutal and costly. In our latest wars, many of the casualties suffered by American troops are a direct result of their having to obey rules of engagement created by politicians who have never set foot on — or even seen — a battlefield.

  • Liberal Reasoning: Idiotic or Dishonest?

    Liberal Reasoning: Idiotic or Dishonest?

    Many people argue that liberals, socialists and progressives do not understand basic economics. I am not totally convinced about that.

  • Attack on Teachers

    Attack on Teachers

    As the new school year begins, you might like to be updated on some school happenings that will no doubt be repeated this academic year. After this update, I have some questions one might ask the black leadership. The ongoing | Read More »

  • Wasn't Always This Way

    Wasn’t Always This Way

    Racial discrimination still plagues the black community, which faces higher levels of unemployment and poverty. But considering the problems blacks face today, is discrimination the main culprit?

  • Why Home Schooling?

    Why Home Schooling?

    Many public primary and secondary schools are dangerous places. The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics show that in 2012, there were about 749,200 violent assaults on students.

  • The Struggle for Economic Liberty

    The Struggle for Economic Liberty

    Here’s my taxi question. If a person is law-abiding, has a driver’s license, has a car or van that has passed safety inspection, and has adequate liability insurance, is there any consumer-oriented reason he should not be able to become a taxicab owner/operator?