Dr. Williams is a nationally syndicated columnist, former chairman of the economics department at George Mason University, and author of More Liberty Means Less Government
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  • Tuition pays for this

    Tuition pays for this

    Campus Reform documents outrageous behavior at some colleges.

  • Get ready for denials

    Get ready for denials

    If there is a terrorist attack through our southern border, will progressives acknowledge who’s to blame?

  • Western anti-Semitism

    Western anti-Semitism

    Those Westerners who criticize Israel’s response to close to 3,000 rocket attacks might tell us what Israel should do in response.

  • Please stop helping us

    Please stop helping us

    If there were greater parental choice, through educational vouchers, black achievement would be higher.

  • Do blacks need favors?

    Do blacks need favors?

    If the civil rights establishment and the progressives have their way, blacks will have to rely on special privileges in perpetuity.

  • Our unwillingness to defend ourselves

    Our unwillingness to defend ourselves

    Today’s Americans tolerate what would have been unthinkable years ago.

  • Spending and morality

    Spending and morality

    Spending is not our basic problem.

  • Economic freedom

    Economic freedom

    To believe what the president says about the market’s not working requires that one be grossly uninformed or dishonest.

  • The Education Establishment's Success

    The Education Establishment’s Success

    The education establishment has been successful beyond its wildest dreams in reducing Americans’ ability to think.

  • Slavery reparations

    Slavery reparations

    Is the call for slavery reparations is simply another hustle?

  • Who owns you?

    Who owns you?

    5,000 ALS patients who will die of their disease this year are invisible, and FDA officials are unaccountable.

  • Petty annoyances

    Petty annoyances

    There’s a great potential for harm when people come to believe that inanimate objects are capable of purposeful behavior.

  • White privilege

    White privilege

    The 15th annual White Privilege Conference was recently held and attended by 2,500.

  • America's budding tyrants

    America’s budding tyrants

    Western values of liberty are under ruthless attack by the academic elite on college campuses across America.

  • A lesson on racial discrimination

    A lesson on racial discrimination

    Though Sterling might be a racist, there’s an important “so what?”

  • Coming end to racial preferences

    Coming end to racial preferences

    The shame of the nation is that poor black children are trapped in terrible schools.

  • The Constitution or good ideas?

    The Constitution or good ideas?

    Should we be ruled by what are seen as good ideas or by what’s permissible by the U.S. Constitution?

  • Wage discrimination

    Wage discrimination

    How much more totalitarian would it be for Congress to force people to take jobs they don’t want?

  • Equality in discipline

    Equality in discipline

    Let’s examine some of the absurdity of the Obama administration’s take on student discipline.

  • How to assist evil

    How to assist evil

    No German who died before 1930 would have believed the Holocaust possible.